A Liberal Dilemma

By: William P. Frasca

Political Correctness has gone wild. It has also negatively affected the most mindlessly arrogant creatures on the face of this earth called, “The Liberals”? Who couldn’t even tell a simple story without getting in trouble?

An American Diplomat, named Maureen Chao, who is the vice consul of the U.S. consulate in Chennai, India, was recalling an event relating to one of her past memorable experiences she had in India, to students at a University.

This seemingly opened an unintentional can of worms, when the dialog became too explicit in identifying and describing a particular group residing in India called the Tamilians or “Tamil”. Her remarks recounted her own physical appearance after a (72) hour train ride.

She told the students that her skin became “dirty and dark like the Tamil”. She might have meant this as an off colored joke or black humor (pardon my pun). Her statement may have been overly exaggerated by a sensitive Indian Government. Unfortunately, what ever was or might have been the reason, it brought the usual outcry, protest and bogus appalling outrage of racism.

I’m not in the business of making excuses for the Progressives, but here was a woman, throughout her life, most likely wore her heart on her sleeve. She was in the Peace Corp and dedicated most of her total existence, on this earth, in relentlessly serving and rescuing selected foreign cultures, from their own potentially self inflicted demise. God forbid she should first help, and support America and all her fellow American bothers and sisters, especially the children. This displays a little contempt and insensitivity.

She wasn’t a Republican. She wasn’t a Conservative. She wasn’t a Libertarian and she especially wasn’t a member of the Tea Party. She thought being a certified bleeding heart liberal; she had a so-called bond with the people of the world, especially in India, where she once temporarily resided. She thought she had a free ride, but obviously she was mistaken.

Most Countries only tolerate us, for whatever can sponge out of our generosity, which also includes the naïve individual, willing to sacrifice their dignity and their own survival for accepted barbarism. There’s an old saying “no good deed goes unpunished”; well this is a perfect example.

She has probably and most likely never had a racist or prejudice thought or bone in her body, but she was still called that most evil word in which most fear “Racist” Who cares, it’s just a meaningless word that is drilled into our heads as the vilest form of human labeling. This is just another fabricated, manufactured tool used by a particular person or group in manipulating leverage while maneuvering for unearned, unlimited forms of rewards and compensations.

This is quite comical, and enjoyable. Naturally she was forced to say “I’m Sorry” crawling on her knees, begging for forgiveness to the Indian government and its people. There was a small glitch, they didn’t accept her apology? What now, will she be forced to go through hoops of fire and bark like a dog?

Never mind India, she should beg for the forgiveness of the American people and her beloved Country, The United States of America, for turning her back and displaying a subservient lack of pride and dignity. This disgraces and humiliates us all?

This politically correct fungus is spreading all over the world.

We can only stop this garbage by freely speaking our minds, without fear, and never apologizing for its contents. If you said it, you must have meant it, so stand by it, and never faultier.

The individual who stated “Apologies are a sign of weakness was absolutely correct. Especially if weakness can also be defined as regret, terror, fright, panic, horror, cowardice, and incompetence.

This Country has created and produced a generation of awkward degrading wimps, within all aspects of our government. Our leadership has no respectful qualities or dignity. Regrettably, look who we have at the helm of our ship, steering us into this humiliating direction, our President, Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One”. He has anointed himself as a shameful embarrassment. He positions himself as a degrading meek, docile role model and poster child for the passively weak.

God Bless American and please Protect our beloved Country from ourselves.

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