Are We a “Me” Society or a “We” Society?

By: Dr. Phil Taverna

This will become an extremely important decision by the time that the next election rolls by. For example Obama made a statement this week that as soon as he lost the rating it was the fault of politics.

“There’s nothing wrong with our country… There’s something wrong with our politics”.

And if you use the right side of your brain you must agree with Obama! But really this is a stupid statement. Would you vote for a man who makes statements like this? This is a very empty statement which lacks all specificity. Some would call it platitudinal. But many people voted for this man in 2008 and he made only empty statements like this!

This is just a marketing ploy. Remember the last good salesman you found yourself before and he asked you a stupid question like or better yet made a statement that would illicit a yes response. And he follows that statement with another statement that will also get you to say yes even though you really haven’t thought it through. That’s getting you to use the right side of your brain. If you used the left side you would say hell no.

So basically there really is nothing wrong with the country. That really means there is nothing wrong with most of the people that make up the country. So is there anything wrong with you? As a knee jerk reaction, of course there is nothing wrong with you. Thus and therefore there is nothing wrong with your country. Now while you are still shaking your head yes, Obama throws out “there is something wrong with politics”. If you are an air head, you may still find yourself shaking your head in agreement.

But the point seriously is that there is something wrong with politics. And what is wrong with the country is the politics of Obama and the politics of the liberals.

You could be the dumbest person on the planet but it was the liberal spending that caused Obama to lose our AAA rating.

So let’s make the argument that Obama is correct. The conservatives both Democrats and Republicans alike should allow Obama to spend another trillion to stimulate the economy. Why not two! We all know that the definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing and expect the results to be different.

Do you have any idea how much you would have to raise taxes on everyone to pay down that additional debt alone? If you don’t raise the taxes enough then the crooks from S & P will lower our rating to AA Negative!

The only way you will understand any of this is to think of the world as a bunch of We’s or Me’s. The liberals will claim they belong to the “WE” society. And the liberals will tell the capitalists: They belong to the “Me” society.

There is a book coming out this spring by a guy by the name of Williams that spends a great deal of time writing about this theory that the world swings like a pendulum. And every 40 years like the sands of an hourglass, the American society swings from the “We” society to the “Me” society and swings the other way for the next 40 years. For the facts you might have to wait for the book. But the premise is all wrong. Let’s think for a minute if you are a pure communist like the liberals would like you to be some day, everything belongs to everyone. And the liberals will scream that the capitalists are evil and they want to keep everything for themselves. And of course there is really no truth to it.

Look at the folks in England. That’s a pretty happy country. They have a Queen and they are as socialized as you can become just before you become a communist nation. The liberals have created a new breed. In reality it is not new but guys like LBJ brought them to life. They created a whole generation and then some of people who now demand things. To the point, that they now are owed certain things.

They are owed food, tuition, shelter, healthcare and you name it. Life has become a right!

For years governing boards allowed unions to keep raising their wages and benefits. Do you have any idea how many times they said we don’t care. Once the city is bankrupt you won’t get the benefits any how. So in Rhode Island they have a city that is bankrupt. The retired folks will now have to suffer through severe cuts in their benefits because the city is bankrupt! Is it the WE’s or the Me’s that caused the problem?

Just before the 60’s, governments began to become a parasite on all revenue. And they have almost sucked the life out of the host organism. So the Me’s and the We’s just don’t understand it. Obama was told from day one that he couldn’t spend his way out of the recession. And he still doesn’t understand that. He wants to do it again!

The real problem with all of this argument is that it is objective. This new generation of people expects the government to magically produce money and give them what they deserve! And that’s why we have angry liberals in this country because they expect others to pay more so that “We’s” can get what they demand and deserve. The people rioting in England are destroying other people’s properties while they live in public housing. Instead of being grateful and thankful to have FREE stuff, they now have demands for more. There is a lesson to be learned about appreciation!

So the pendulum of life really doesn’t change every 40 years. The fact of the matter is that our perspective of capitalism and communism changes every 40 years. But this upcoming change will be a lot different. America was always capable of producing much more than it could possibly use. It could generate more revenue than it could possibly spend. But the leeches of socialism have emptied the coffers of capitalism.

So this will bring about a dire change in American society. So the end result is the amount of revenue created by capitalism dictates the attitude of the Me’s and the We’s.

The bottom line is that the people that grew up demanding that they deserve all these rights are going to have to learn to do without. If the Me’s disguised as We’s keep cutting the hands that feed the mills, there will never be enough revenue to keep the “we deserve it crowd” plush with all the rights their governments no longer can afford!

The pendulum is swinging. Who do you want in control? The We deserve it crowd or the folks that want to bring back prosperity by creating abundant revenue off the backs of capitalism!


About The Author Dr. Phil Taverna:
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