Libyan War Was Foolish

By: Craig Chamberlain

We should all be happy that the regime of Colonel Qaddafi is coming to an end. He was a bloody handed tyrant who murdered his own people, who engaged in acts of terrorism, and was living proof that the class clown can become leader of a nation. Ever since coming to power in a coup in 1969 he has made himself an unbearable presence not only to his own people but to anyone who had the misfortune of attracting his attention. He was the last of the nationalist revolutionaries, breathing out incendiary rhetoric long after it had gone out of style in the rest of the Arab world. Qaddafi has been thuggish during his entire reign. He railed against western imperialism, Zionism, and the United States. Bitter that he missed the height of the nationalist cause he desperately tried to prove his devotion to it upon coming to power. He tried to form a new Arab state in the 1970′s with the Federation of Arab Republics. He brutally repressed any dissent within Libya. He waged war against his neighbors fighting a brief border war with Egypt, suffering a terrible defeat when he went to war against Chad(clearly we’re not dealing with Alexander the Great here) he helped create the Islamic regime and Sudan and helped contribute to the long, bloody, civil war against the non Muslims in the south of the country.When Arab nationalism failed he turned his attention to African unification, training and supporting many of the worst dictators on the continent. No one should miss Colonel Qaddafi. The man has had a 42 year career of terrorism, repression, and warmongering. Every American should be happy to see him go, this clown was always an enemy to the United States.

As good as the news of Qaddafi’s fall is the war to remove him was a foolish one, that showed NATO’s weakness, not its strength.It took five months for the worlds most powerful military alliance to remove a crippled dictatorship from a third world country. One of the first rules of war is don’t get involved in a civil war, but that didn’t stop President Obama who has been demanding the removal of every Arab leader to face uprisings from his own people. The President promised that Americas involvement would be brief, only lasting a few days, instead the campaign took five months. In military terms five months is fairly short, but it was five months wasted, not to mention the cost of all of those sorties our forces flew. As brutal as Qaddafi was, and he was a brute, he was not a threat to American interests any more. Saddam Hussein was still threatening the region, Qaddafi had been more or less caged.

Then there was President Obama’s failure to secure Congressional authorization under the War Powers Act. It should be called, correctly, the Republican War Powers Act as it was passed by a left wing Congress in 1974 to limit the powers of Republican presidents, and no Democratic President has ever bothered to obey the law, and no Democratic congressmen have ever raised their banshee like howls of indignation on a Democrats failure to consult Congress. No they reserve those for Republicans who actually obey the law. After this the Democratic party has forfeited all right to cite the war powers act(which, to be honest, is unconstitutional anyway, but still the law of the land) when a Republican is in office. Though that won’t stop the treasonous little hypocrites.

Then we need to look at the rebels who have removed Qaddafi. For the United States it probably doesn’t matter too much. We’re probably watching one dictatorship being replaced by another. The only difference is that this new regime might not conduct terrorist operations against the west, but that remains to be seen. No one in the west really wants to know who these rebels are. We’ve all been assured that they are peaceful Democrats, out to establish a liberal democratic state. But already there are murmurings from the rebel group that Sharia law will be the basis for all future legislation in the new Libya. This doesn’t bode well for the United States. No sharia nation has ever been a peaceful nation. They are usually poor(Saudi Arabia being the one exception, and if we’re ever allowed to drill for our own oil their economy would completely collapse) and become terrorist training grounds sending jihadists to fight all over the world for the glory of Islam. If that’s what is about to happen to Libya then it means we’ve gone from the frying pan to the fire, and it is definite proof that we should never have gotten involved.

The difference in foreign policies couldn’t be clearer between the two parties. The GOP, under President Bush, went into Afghanistan and Iraq with Congressional approval to topple two violently anti American regimes that supported terrorists. The Democrats, under President Obama, went to war with no Congressional authorization to remove a regime that was certainly odious, but of no real concern to the United States. A more important distinction was the tactics used. President Obama, like President Clinton, has avoided using American ground forces at all cost, fearful of the political consequences. President Obama’s foreign policy is really no foreign policy at all. It’s a mish-mash of ideas, removing allies and enemies alike without any consideration for strategic concerns.

Now that we’ve helped the rebels take over we can only see to it that we support the real democrats in the country and not abandon it to the radical Islamsits as we did in Egypt. But here, as it has been throughout his entire Presidency, the President has shown an ineptitude for foreign policy,(along with domestic policy for that matter) let’s hope that we didn’t replace one cruel dictatorship with something worse.

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