Algore We Love your Profanity!

By: Dr. Phil Taverna

A few weeks ago Algore got caught using profanity. That’s a good thing. He promised a bunch of friends that they would be rich like him by now if the Americans bought into global warming. Well the frustration must be showing. But it is quite amusing. As vice president he was considered a tree by most comedians. He just didn’t show much emotion and he pretty much talked slow and down to folks in a condescending, consistent monotone voice. Now that Algore has made a great deal of this money thanks to global warming alarmists, he is starting to show a little emotion. “Profanity is the effort of a feeble mind trying to express itself forcefully.” My dad used to have that hand-written on a piece of cardboard that he kept on his desk.

But why all this profanity? By now most people if they have a half a brain know that global warming was nothing but a scam. In Algore’s tirade of profanity he tried to compare cigarette smoking to global warming. There is no comparison. Most people if not all people know that cigarette smoking is not good for you. It may serve as a release of some sort for most, but deep down they all knew that at some point in time that the abuse to their bodies might catch up to them. Some would quote how their grandmother smoked for 50 years and she lived to be 70. And they hoped the same thing would happen to them. It’s like driving without a seat belt. As long as you never have an accident, you really don’t need a seat belt.

The problem with the liberals and smoking was that they wanted smoking to continue but they wanted to tax the cigarette companies with lawsuits and all sorts of actions. Their actions were not intended to prevent smoking from happening but to share in the profits of the evil cigarette company. And if the people were too stupid to stop smoking, the liberals would tax them each and every time they bought cigarettes. If the liberals were really good Samaritans then they should have outlawed cigarettes. Instead they just keep making money off those evil cigarettes and the habits from which some can not escape.

Algore wants to equate cigarettes to global warming. The problem is that there are really no deep pockets that the liberal lawyers can go after. But if we are to measure global warming as the cause for the oceans to rise, then they have a problem!

In the northeast we have had the coolest year ever. Thirty years ago we used to experience 2 weeks a year with the night time temperature reaching zero degrees in the winter. And in the summer we would experience about 2 weeks where the thermometer would climb to a hundred degrees or get real close.

This year we have had the coldest winter I can remember in a long while. Spring was relatively cool. And we saw some hot days in the summer but by August 12th the night time temperature sunk into the 50’s. With any kind of stretching of the imagination the Northeast is not getting any warmer. If anything it has gotten a bit cooler. So the only measurement that Algore and the liberals have is the rising of the seas. You should ask: If the earth isn’t warming and we accept the argument that the seas are rising, then what is causing the seas to rise?

It’s funny but the wackos and Algore don’t seem to address the reason for all the rain. Let’s make something up before they do. The earth is getting so warm that the clouds are filling up with more water and causing more rain and more storms. That seems reasonable. Anyone want a liberal PhD degree?

The liberal Times was good enough to show a few pictures in a recent article that if the seas should rise then some buildings will flood and a beach will disappear. But get this … It will happen after the seas rise 2 feet. If it was possible it would take a very long time. More than 90 years for that to happen (using their imagination of course)!

We don’t need No stupid pseudo-scientists that might be used by Algore and the wackos, we will use a better source…Your common sense!

If the seas are rising what do you thing is the cause? It is rising because the ocean is being polluted with debris and as the floor of the ocean rises so does the seas. Do you buy that one…? I don’t.

If the oceans are rising, it’s because there is more water in the ocean then there was 100 years ago. It’s rising because people are giving off gas that is filling up the ocean. Guess you don’t believe that one either? Because everyone knows hot air rises!

So you could be the dumbest person on the planet, but the simple answer has to be that there is more water in the ocean. So where does the water come from?This is a bit tricky. You might need your thinking caps. The water comes from rain. Some jerk will argue that there are underground rivers that drain into the ocean by way of springs and rivers. I can buy that but that is probably a constant that has not changed. If anything it has probably become less then it was because of all the storm water runoff.

So there are only 2 sources of water: The rain pouring into the ocean from the sky and the rain that makes it to land but is dumped into the ocean. So what causes the oceans to rise? It is the rain.

Who caused the problem? Some of you will say God and that’s ok. But in most cases it was man that has directed the rain from god from the land to the oceans.

Just last weekend in the Bethlehem area of PA they have a Music extravaganza. They have it annually for about a week or so. The developers in the area have paid off a few people and they are allowed to build giant developments and they force all this rain water into the ocean. Before the developments all this water just rested on farm lands and was absorbed by the land and found its way to wells and aquifers. But today modern and greedy man can’t be bothered with sacrificing land when it can be turned into money making developments. And basically the governments have done nothing to protect the storm water runoff. Call the DEP in PA and you mind as well be talking to the wall.

In the case of Bethlehem the flooding was so bad that it is rumored that when the river overflowed because of the poorly designed developments, the music festival lost and had damages of about $800,000. Don’t you think Algore should cut a check to the city of Bethlehem!

So if the only measurement that the liberals can come up with is the oceans rising at a rate of parts of inches every few years (assuming you could measure that),then it could not be caused by global warming! So Algore can curse all he wants, but it won’t help the problem. We don’t need green jobs or green energy we need to penalize all those developers and township crooks who looked the other way while they flushed all that fresh water into our submissive oceans.

And just maybe all the storms and rains are due to nature’s way of putting the water back on land. The only problem is the faster the water comes down from the sky, the faster the storm water returns to the oceans. So the problem causing the seas to rise is not coming from hot air. And the fix will be in controlling storm water. The faster the global community understands this and starts enforcing the laws, then and only then will you be able to simmer the alarmists. We need to reverse the greed of the developers and local governments who stood by with money in their pockets while the developers flushed our fresh water into the seas.

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