Fighting the Wars at Home

By: Patti Bankson

Qaddafi’s days are numbered. He’s gone. No, wait, he’s not gone. His son is in custody. No, he’s not in custody. The rebels have taken over Tripoli, but we don’t know for sure who the rebels are, and what kind of government will be put in place like, will it be based on Sharia law? If the people thought to be experts on the subject aren’t sure what’s happening in Libya, I’m certainly not. The only thing I do know about the “war” in Libya, and other parts of the world, is this: concentrating on a foreign war is always a great way to divert attention away from the wars at home.

What wars, you ask? Well, let’s start with the one our government is waging against its citizens, and our freedoms. It’s more subtle than the fighting in the Middle East, of course no real bombs or rockets, no being shot at while protesting, but still a war. A war against success and prosperity against capitalism and entrepreneur-ship against the real American Dream.

Owning a house, two cars and a pool out back isn’t THE American Dream it’s about living free. Free to work for another, or start your own business free to decide what you’ll eat, and how much sugar/salt you want in it. None of the government’s business. Free to use (better, safer) incandescent light bulbs. Free to fix your child a lunch containing foods YOU choose. Free to send your child to a non-government school without being penalized financially. In a nutshell, free to choose your own path, without the extra burden of supporting those who choose the path of least resistance: DEPENDENCY.

In order to maintain power, control, and the nation’s purse, liberals and this administration, foment war between the classes, and the races, which is despicable. Of course, it’s all done in the name of ‘fairness’. I learned long ago that life isn’t necessarily fair. It is what it is, deal with it. In other words, no guarantees. Regardless, guarantees are exactly what government is using to suck in the ever-needy, I-can’t-do-it-without-Big-Daddy’s-help peeps. Government wants to guarantee you’ll have ‘free’ housing, education, including college, medical care and food: breakfast and lunch at school during the school year, AND during the summer, now. In fact, our government has so much money to throw around that in a couple of states they’re planning to give “free” lunches to ALL students so that the ones who actually don’t have the money for school lunch won’t feel bad.

God forbid someone should feel bad, or feel ashamed, or whatever. Actually, I think our society could stand a good dose of E2809Cfeel badE2809D, or shame because there’s an over-abundance of shamelessness going on. Not just in government, either. Take a look at the recent outbreaks of violence at sporting events, and fast-food placesE280A6 people shotE280A6 beaten and hospitalized with brain damageE280A6 flash mobs brazenly helping themselves to whatever they want in stores teens beating innocent people senseless because they were “offended” somehow.

Hopefully, just as Qaddafi’s days are numbered, these thugs’ days are numbered, as well. And I’m not talking about just street thugs, I’m also talking about political thugs. The Way I See It there are far too many of both for this country’s good.

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