Hell Is Here Maxine!

By: Michael John McCrae

After reading “Black Caucus: Tired of Making Excuses for Obama” By Byron York and seeing the clips of Democrat deadbeat Representative Maxine Waters telling a crowd of SEIU deadbeat unionists that the TEA Party can “Go to Hell!”; I have a few thoughts I’d like to share here.

The TEA Party is already in hell. It is a hell created by socialists like Maxine Waters and her buds in the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC). It is a hell of higher taxes and fees. It is a hell of dropping home prices. It is a hell of higher gasoline process. It is a hell of increased, job destroying Environmental Protection regulations. It is a hell entitled “Sarbanes-Oxley”. It is a hell of mandatory sex education for four-year-olds and summer reading lists that include lesbian sex books and graphic homosexuality.

It is a hell of generational debt. It is a hell of 50 percent unemployment of black youth in Washington, D.C. It is a hell of home foreclosure. It is a hell of drilling moratorium that keeps America energy dependent on the Middle East. It is a hell of failed foreign policy that keeps American soldiers in harm’s way in even more corners of the world. It is a hell of flash mobs of black children and adults indiscriminately attacking white people on the streets of major cities. It is a hell of illegal immigration being turned into amnesty (again) without closing the southern border.

Maxine Waters says she is “tired of making excuses” for a failed socialist president, yet she and her CBC cohorts have completely enabled every liberal socialist policy and executive order signed by the guy who nobody really knows who just happened to be elected thanks to 97 percent of the black electorate. And now that every single policy championed by the CBC has miserably failed, Maxine Waters and the other enablers of the CBC want to be “unleashed” to give Obama a piece of their mind concerning all the failure!

Then, Maxine “unleashed” herself against the TEA Party, when the TEA Party had absolutely nothing to do with the ignorant irresponsibility imbedded in every one of the liberal Democrat socialist programs shoved through a majority Democrat House and Senate from 2008 to 2010! There was no TEA Party when Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters voted trillions of dollars to bail out their largest campaign contributors. It was Maxine’s CBC that helped increase governmental debt to four times the size of any Bush deficit. It was Maxine Waters who grabbed enough TARP millions to bail out her husband’s bank! Can one cry “Conflict of Interest!”

Maxine Waters is a hypocrite. The entire CBC is a group of hypocritical liars. If they cared one wit about the black community they would have been screaming at Obama from the very beginning; knowing full well that every one of those socialist policies implemented would keep the poor dependent on the government; keep the poor voting for Democrats; keep poor, black girls barefoot, pregnant without fathers for their children and beholden to miniscule government hand-outs!

Now Maxine wants “permission” to have a “conversation” with Obama. But this conversation will not include “Cut, Cap and Balance”. The conversation will not be about cutting corporate taxes to allow for investment, expansion and hiring. The conversation won’t be about how to lift ALL Americans out of the generational debt they have been driven into. No. This conversation will be about raising taxes; about extending unemployment benefits and social services; about more spending for programs that have not been working except to drive the country into deeper debt. And the only group all that “conversation” will attempt to benefit is the “people of color” group represented by the CBC!

Yes Maxine, the TEA Party is already in hell. Obama is Demon-In-Chief and you and your CBC cronies are the gate-keepers!

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