For America to be Great, America Must be a Christian Nation

By: Craig Chamberlain

It is only during Presidential elections that the media pay any attention to religion. And then it is only the distorted contemptuous attention that a bunch of atheists can give to such a serious subject. Bill Keller, the outgoing editor of the New York Times, wrote in his list column a list of loaded questions for the GOP candidates on the subject of religion. “Is America a Christian nation?” “Are Mormons Christian?” etc. Each American can come up with their own answers to such questions, that is why we have a first amendment. But the questions are a trap. If a candidate says America is a Christian nation they can accuse you of being in favor of a theocracy. If you say it’s not you alienate Christian voters. If you say Mormons aren’t Christians you could lose states like Utah, Idaho, and Nevada. If you say they are then you risk a rebellion among evangelical voters in the southeast and Midwest. Too much religiosity at all and you might scare off independents. The elites in this country, who are more inclined to like Richard Dawkins over Pope Benedict XVI, are only interested in religion as they can use it to divide people. Us vs. them. They are unbelievers, as is their right to be, but in their atheism they really can’t understand how anyone could be a Christian, it’s really too ridiculous. They understand Christian morality even less. How dare a bunch of crazies say things like thou shalt not commit adultery, or thou shalt not covet. The morality of Atheism, if it can be called such, can be proclaimed in the sentence “if it feels good, do it.”

America was founded on Christian principles. This might not be politically correct to say, but it is historically accurate. John Adams said that our constitution was only written for a religious people, it won’t work for any other kind. Out of the Founding Fathers there was not a single atheist among them. Not all were orthodox Christians, Washington was a church goer, but not an orthodox believer. Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson were Deists. But they were in the minority. Most of the men who formed the revolution were devout men such as John and Samuel Adams, John Jay, Alexander Hamilton, John Marshall, and the rest were all believing Christians. The ideals of the revolution, freedom, and all men are created equal, are distinctly Christian ideas. Though we, as a nation, have failed to live up to these standards at times it’s better to have standards and miss than to not have any standards at all.

Those who deny religion played any role in this nation, and sigh idyllically, at the idea of a Godless nation, should be careful what they wish for. Atheists and secularists claim that you can be good without God(you typically see signs for this at Christmas or Easter). But that argument really doesn’t hold any water. Now, to be clear, not all nonbelievers are bad people, many are decent enough. But the decent ones are following Christian morality whether they want to admit it or not. Those who try to create morality without God fail time and time again. Morality without God is based on human whims, and as human whims can change, morality changes. And a changing morality is no morality at all. You end up with a society where conscience, is considered a liability, and right and wrong are antiquated concepts. It’s now beyond Good and Evil.

A good example is Europe. Riots are sweeping Greece and Great Britain, both ostensibly Christian societies, but only Christian in a cultural sense. Europe long ago proudly proclaimed “God is dead!” and now they are reaping what they have sowed. Europe is a dying continent, with too many welfare benefits and not enough people to pay for them. The Christian idea of work is now long gone, and when the useless youth of Europe are told that they are no more goodies to hand out they take to the streets to take what they want.

America can end up like that. There are countless efforts to remove religion from the nation. And we see the results of the militant secularization of the country. Illegitimate births, which once made up only a tiny percentage of births, now constitute in birth in four among whites, and among blacks it’s three out of four, among Hispanics it’s over 50%. These illegitimate births, and single parent families, has led to high amounts of crime. Think of the flash mobs that plague American cities. It’s very likely that most of the hoodlums don’t have a father in their lives, and probably don’t spend a lot of time in Church on Sundays.

Americans are pessimistic about the state of the nation. Mainly they cite the economic situation, the high unemployment, the weakening of the Dollar, the sense that America has lost what made it great. But it’s more than that. America is suffering from a social sickness, a moral relativism, that can be traced to the ignoring of, or outright rejection of God. There has never been a successful, or good, Godless society. Not the Soviet Union, the Peoples Republic of China, post Christian Europe, North Korea, Cuba, or the Third Reich. Since man is nothing special, nothing but a tailless monkey, there is nothing immoral about killing, especially if it is for the greater good. That is how the Third Reich, the USSR, and China have justified killing more than 100 million people. Have you ever heard of an atheist charity? Or atheists devoting their lives to helping the poor.

Americans must do more than cut the size of government, it must reclaim, and reassert, the Christian principles that guided America for so long. Without them, the national debt and unemployment will be the least of our worries.

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