Secure Our Borders

By: William P. Frasca

Did you ever feel like a stranger in your own home? Did you ever feel like a foreigner in your own Country in which you were born and raised? Did you ever wonder why leaders of a so-called free society would humble themselves and bend over backwards to please illegal heathens, instead of supporting their own citizenry, law enforcement and our brave military including their families? Would you ever image that your blood, sweat and tears freely offered to preserve our precious Constitution, all our inalienable rights and for the privilege of being called an American citizen be taken for granted?

Well if you have, let’s shake hands and please allow me to share this resent personal outrage! I decided to go for a walk in one of our local municipal parks. Hurricane Irene just passed leaving some of the usual expected destruction, of floods, property damage telephone and power outages. The neighborhood corrected most of the devastation and remained basically calm. Everyone was safe and sound with the help and guidance of the Good Lord.

This walk was a form of therapeutic mediation on all that had happened within this honorific twenty four hour period. Let’s say this was needed to clean out the cobwebs. I rapidly realized this was a big mistake. Instead of giving my self a relaxing moment of prayer, exercise and refection, I was confronted with individuals speaking every other dialog except for the English language.

I came across families barbecuing, playing under the water sprinklers, loud incoherent music, soccer, various games and activities. Each group was waving the flags of their designated home Countries, offering it their pride, love and respect. I was completely astonished and mortified that no honor, distinction or recognition was displayed or extended to our beloved American flag. The Flag of the United States of America wasn’t in sight.

This naturally not only made my blood boil but made me so angry that it gave me an unsympathetic cold hard slap of reality right across my face. My sad conclusion identified these invaders of our land as disrespectful freeloaders, here to totally milk our sacred American dream dry for their own selfishness and arrogance. There was absolutely no honor or affection administered towards our great Country and its people that gave them unquestionable freedom of choice, without tyranny.

There are some, who are so grateful to be here, and love America to the fullest! They came here legally, worked hard, obeyed our laws and filed for citizenship; these are fantastic individuals with whom I would be proud to call my fellow American brothers and sisters. After all America was built on legal, hard working, unselfish immigration. Immigrants, who believed in these words that were expressed, by President John F. Kennedy at his inauguration address, who said, “Ask not what your Country can do for you, ask what you can do for your Country”

Today’s immigration is a crap shoot, mostly comprised of blood sucking, sometimes violent illegal aliens, or individuals with alterative motives. They disobey our laws, with absolutely no tolerance towards any or all of our American traditions or ideologies. These law breakers must be deported immediately. The cruel joke of offering any amnesty, to them, must be eliminated from our vocabulary and never enter the picture.

Now we are constantly hearing that our President, Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One” might be trying to consolidated the Hispanic and any other combined Foreign Nationals’ able to vote by offering his full and complete pardon of all those who crossed our boarders illegally. This would obviously prove his willingness to sell our Country without any good conscience for his own selfish gain and thirty pieces of silver, or should we say he’s trying to buy his second term.

This definitely smells of Chicago politics, justifying any form of political manipulation, which is to do anything, say anything for a vote, even if you have to give away your own mother. This is an abomination which will eventually destroy our heritage and existence.

Have we become so numb by our elected officials that we idly sit by, while the spineless give away our Country? Have we become cowards to one sided political correctness, and false tolerance, which is slowly digging our own hole into oblivion?

Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev said “we will bury you without firing a shot”! Was this statement totally bogus and only used as a form of intimidation, think again? The incoherent Barack Hussein Obama relinquished our “Space Program” and gave it to the Russians on a silver platter. They are now our landlords. Hopefully this big mistake made, by Obama, one of many, will not come back and bite us in the near future, potentially sacrificing our National Security. We are giving away the store and no one seems to care?

Is it a coincidence or is it just a well thought out manipulated scheme developed by this Administration to maneuver federal judges in authorizing negative interpretations, which limits jurisdiction, towards any State that initiates a tough new immigration law?

It doesn’t take a physic to predict that we are on a course of self destruction. This must stop? Use every peaceful means of protect to end this abusive lawlessness targeted to over throw of our Country, and restricts our freedoms. Defend and protect America, together with our sacred Constitution. Secure all our Borders, stop illegal immigration, before it’s too late?

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