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September 9, 2011

When Teddy Roosevelt Saved Football

Filed under: History - 09 Sep 2011

For more than a century baseball has been called America’s national pastime, and Major League Baseball is flourishing today. However, in recent decades, football—college and professional—has surpassed baseball in popularity and prominence. For many men and some women, fall weekends …

Liberal, Socialist “Civility”

Reading the headlines on “Drudge” today was like having ingested a box of toothpicks.

Although I consider myself an Independent; I identify with much of the TEA Party agenda; especially when it comes to less government, lower taxes and a …

Zero Jobs in August, Hope and Change at Work

Filed under: Economics,Featured Conservative,In The News - 09 Sep 2011

Even by the Obama administration,s abysmal standards the August job report had to have been bad news. How do you spin zero new jobs? “My fellow Americans, we had zero net jobs added to the work force, but at least …