Zero Jobs in August, Hope and Change at Work

By: Craig Chamberlain

Even by the Obama administration,s abysmal standards the August job report had to have been bad news. How do you spin zero new jobs? “My fellow Americans, we had zero net jobs added to the work force, but at least we didn’t lose any!” I think even the propagandists at NBC are shaking their heads. We all know the history of economic failure, the increased unemployment, the massive amount of debt, the massive new regulations, and the uncertainty in the business community. What’s surprising is that anyone is surprised by this record of failure. President Obama spelled out exactly what it was he wanted to do economically, and he did it. He passed Obamacare, he got his stimulus spending, he’s regulated the financial sector to hell and back, he’s done away with welfare reform, the only places where he’s been frustrated are his failures to pass Cap and Trade(which he’s using the EPA to enforce anyway) and he hasn’t gotten the tax hikes he’s wanted.

The American people knew what he wanted to do, and they elected him. And now they wonder why things are in the toilet? His economic policies are not new to him, they have been tried by many administrations in the past. FDR, LBJ, Nixon, and Carter were all statist in their economic thinking and everyone of them saw massive new spending and economic stagnation. We’ve been down this road before and we know where it goes.

No business wants to hire new employees or invest when the government is waging a jihad on the business class. This recession, is all government made and owned. The government, through it’s policies in the financial sectors, encouraged risky behavior that led to a bubble, and since then, the government has enacted policies that made a bad situation worse. This has led to zero jobs being added last month. We can expect much of the same. President Obama isn’t going to change his policies, when he speaks to Congress he will almost certainly ask for more government “investment” into the economy and more tax hikes on the “rich”.

This is the danger of messianic politics. When a politician comes along promising to solve all of the countries problems the people should run for the hills. We need a politician who will have the guts to tell the people to solve their own problems. He sold hope and change and the American people bought it. How’s that working out for us? Government is not there to solve our problems. It can’t. Anytime it tries to solve problems it only makes things worse. The New Deal didn’t end the Great Depression, it only prolonged it. All it gave us was a bloated entitlement state that we’re dealing with to this day. The Great Society didn’t end poverty, it only made it worse. It broke down the family and added to the entitlement state that is crippling America.

The true success stories occur when the government steps back. The great economic booms of American history have happened when government lets business handle its own affairs. Presidents Coolidge, Eisenhower, and Reagan all adopted free market attitudes and allowed businesses to do what they needed to do. There is no chance that President Obama is going to learn that lesson. He might propose a tax cut here or there, but he’s a socialist to the core, absolutely convinced that government intervention is the only way for the economy to prosper.

Fortunately President Obama’s incompetence and the weakness of the American economy are good things for changing the political culture in Washington. We need a change in leadership and it’s very likely that we’ll get it in November 2012. Obama will not adopt any serious free market policies, so there is little chance of the economy rebounding next year. The American people have seen the hope and change and their no longer into it. His coalition was comprised of minorities, independents, and young voters. The independents started abandoning ship right after he was inaugurated, it’s hard to see the youth vote come out with the same enthusiasm that they had in 2008. He still has the minority vote, and the liberal vote, but that is not enough to win a Presidential election.

Hope and change is ruining our country.It’s ruining it economically, politically, diplomatically, and any other way you can think of. Zero job growth, that can be the face of the Obama agenda.

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