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September 11, 2011

The End of Rumsfeld!

Filed under: Politics In General - 11 Sep 2011

This is the final and end discussion on the book written by Rumsfeld. There are some key points that should be discussed.

When Dry–Cleaning Attacks

Filed under: In The News - 11 Sep 2011

The pre–Labor Day holiday run up was a good week for stating the obvious in the Washington Post.

An area high school student, who shall remain nameless, concluded that outsourcing her science project to the parents was passé, so she decided …

America’s Job Status: Unemployed

Filed under: Economics,Featured Conservative - 11 Sep 2011

Need a job? How about a job that pays the bills? These questions no longer apply to isolated parts of the country that have faced natural disasters or workers displaced by ENRON-type white collar criminal activity. In America, finding substantive …