The End of Rumsfeld!

By: Dr. Phil Taverna

This is the final and end discussion on the book written by Rumsfeld. There are some key points that should be discussed.

Donald Rumsfeld wrote Known and Unknown.

Rummy may be the most experienced war expert living today! Couple him with Vice-President Cheney and you have 2 folks who served their country for many years and they served several presidents.

Key points might be that Rummy was around during 911 and was in the Pentagon the day our “peaceful friends” the Muslims struck our buildings. He was also around when Watergate happened. But more importantly he has dealt with all sorts of foreign officials and worked through many involved concepts to help the United States better prepare for war.

There seems to be an underlying problem in the National Security Council. It seems that the State and the Department of Defense and all the other players will never see eye to eye. So that is why we have a president. Obviously President Bush was a great leader and could make the tough and correct decisions when it came to war. And he put together a team that was more than capable of protecting this country for years. Fortunately it has spilled over to the Obama administration. Could we ever trust Obama to make the best decisions? They had to beg Obama to let them kill Bin Laden. By all accounts Obama seems to be losing out on some opportunities to gain important intel about our enemies. But liberals always seem to shy away from good intel and would rather kill their enemies. The Clinton CIA informed the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan not to kill Bin Laden. That seemed to be strange to them as well.

But again I know that the idea of having more heads is better than one and it might help the president to make important decisions. But someone really has to decide up front what the purpose of the war is? What are we going to accomplish short term, long term. And what is our exit strategy. Turn it over to the generals and get out of the way. Libya by all accounts will turn into a quagmire and another Arab nightmare! And there is no strategy in sight… not even Gaddafi.

If any president was smart they would have Vice President Cheney and Secretary Rumsfeld on speed dial. It would be mandatory to pick their brains as often as possible.

A couple of points of interest that Rumsfeld mentions are the cuts in intelligence made in the 1990’s. This was brought about by liberal thinking. We had no clue what was going on in Afghanistan and Iraq. We didn’t even have diplomatic relationships with India! Most people don’t know this but the initial war in Afghanistan was basically won with intelligence and Special Forces and a hell of a lot of bombs.

So why did we cut our intelligence in the 1990’s. Well since the United States was well on its way to out-spending its revenue, it was thought by the liberals that once we won the cold war, we would all live in peace. We would all sing kumbaya together and hold hands. And we also knew that the country with the biggest guns would not be bothered by any other country! And the liberals also have this phobia about someone listening in on their privacy. So for the most part liberals are anti-intelligence and they would prefer not to spend money on Defense.

In a nutshell, the liberals really didn’t care about our security; they were more concerned about buying votes. In hindsight if we could do it all over, we would have doubled our spending on intelligence. And our gathered intelligence would have told us that we needed to spend more money on technology so we could kill our enemies long before they had the determination, power and the knowledge to kill us on 911.

By 2001 American companies had invested billions of dollars in China’s economy. Rumsfeld mentions this in the section of the book where the Chinese were holding our military from a “captured” spy plane. And the Americans decided to apologize. But the concern is why were American Companies investing billions of American Dollars in China? Why weren’t they investing American Dollars in American based companies? And as you may recall there is no trade agreement between the US and China like NAFTA. And there are no tariffs to protect the American jobs. Was this how Buffet made all his billions?

This was the great Clinton economy. First he traded American jobs to Mexico. And before he left office he was sending more jobs and trade secrets to China. The one question that is essential: Where were the tariffs or the Free Trade agreements to protect American workers? Is it no wonder why the unemployment is over 9% today!

The liberals have really set this up well. Maybe there is a conspiracy. If we don’t have enough jobs in the United States to support the social programs then it won’t be long before the United States of America, the capitalistic Mecca of the world, will become the gulag of communism. Where will we ever get the money to protect the rest of the world from evil! Oh Kumbaya.

One other point that Rumsfeld makes is who are Afghanistan’s friends and who has been their friends. When Russia left it was Pakistan, Saudi Arabia who supported the Taliban. At the time of 911 the only countries that had diplomatic relations with the Afghans were Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and the United Emirates. You could be the dumbest person on the planet but you just might want to up our intelligence when it concerns Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. Pakistan has become a joke. And it’s the fault of Hillary and the State Department. It is kind of ironic that at a time that we have a liberal Secretary of State and a liberal president we have the least amount of intelligence about Pakistan. From day one Pakistan has supported our enemies. Do you think we should send them some more money at the tune of billions of dollars a year? Instead of taxing the rich, maybe we should stop wasting American dollars on Pakistan!

One of the biggest problems with all wars and decisions is determining what is Known And Unknown . Who knew Pakistan was hiding our biggest enemy! If we are going to spend billions on these far away places it should be on intelligence and Special Forces. We have the technology to take out our enemies right under the noses of our “comrades”. The only way to turn the unknown into the known is through intelligence and paying off the right people. We have the technology to kill any enemy at any time. But it is imperative that we know who our enemies are! So in the next coming months, the liberals will argue for cuts in defense and intelligence to balance the budget. But think about it, if we had the proper intelligence, 911 would never have happened.

Donald Rumsfeld is a very bright and well respected man. He sacrificed a great deal for the country and made some great changes. You have to wonder if the wars were placed in his hands instead of all the politicians, would the outcomes have been different?

If you have a chance, take a look at the book. It promises to give a great incite on what it takes to run a government from the military stand point during wars and natural catastrophes. This shouldn’t mark the end of Rumsfeld, but his thoughts and expertise should be taught and replicated by others facing the same duties.


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