United States of America: Done! Stick a Fork In Her!

By: Michael John McCrae

We knew President Barack Hussein Obama would ask for more spending and he did. We knew President Barack Hussein Obama’s uncle would receive a “Get out of Jail Free Card” and he did. (No, he wasn’t deported (again) and he’s probably drinking to his successful phone call to the White House; while driving drunk without a license.)

We knew the United States Senate, controlled by Harry Reid, would find their loophole to raise America’s debt limit another half trillion dollars and they did. (Breaking another deal they made with Senate RINO, Mitch McConnell.) And we knew the Congressional Black Caucus, led by its Shrew-in-Chief Maxine Waters would jump for joy and declare their hands all over Obama’s new spending plans. (Even though the CBC still hasn’t “unleashed” itself on the Spender-In-Chief or had their “conversation” about the national 26 percent black unemployment figure.)

So they are not going to stop. They are going to spend like Michele Obama on another personal holiday. They are going to depend on the unions to keep giving millions in campaign cash to get Obama reelected with union votes and black votes. President Barack Hussein Obama gets to call the entire Congress together to give a campaign speech with his good, millionaire, union buddies Trumka and Immelt in attendance and he doesn’t have to use a penny of his campaign money to do it; just as he did in Iowa with his recent Canadian-made-bus tour.

We also knew President Barack Hussein Obama and his Attorney General Eric Holder had no clue the ATF was running the “Fast and Furious” program. We are to believe the ATF and the FBI ran this program all by themselves; keeping it a secret from Mr. Obama. Of course I can believe that. Doesn’t Mr. Obama turn off his blackberry when he’s on a golf tee? Isn’t Mr. Holder much too busy suing Boeing for trying to open a Union-free shop in South Carolina and suing Gibson Guitar for using endangered wood and suing Alabama and Arizona for trying to do something about the millions of illegal border-jumpers; thieving millions of taxpayer dollars from their respective states?

After what happened just this week; seeing Obama opening his reelection campaign on the backs of taxpayers rather than use any of the millions stuffed into his coffers by communist George Soros I have lost hope that the United States will survive the next fourteen months.

Obama should be impeached. The United States of America was never designed to be run by dictatorial tyranny or judicial sloth. He is not defending American law. He is not defending the American Constitution. He is not defending America’s sovereign borders. He is not defending Israel’s right to exist and has said nothing about the destruction of the Israeli Embassy in Egypt.

He is defending Union Boss, Chicago-style thuggery. He is defending the racist rhetoric of the CBC. He is defending the expansion of government welfare programs. He is defending his unilateral actions in Libya. He is defending against anyone viewing his birth certificate, Social Security Card, Selective Service enrollment, college records, Illinois State Senate records, passport records or any other records for that matter that might give a knowledgeable person some insight into his apparent communist, socialist, liberal, Islamic and teleprompter managed persona; managing to do all that through, fourteen vacations and seventy golf outings.

Obama has been getting “mulligans” from the first day of his usurpation of the American Presidency. Not only was his election historic for his skin color; it was historic for the fact that he was the first elected president who was not a natural born citizen of two American parents.

Former Five Term Congressman Tom Tancredo wrote a column 9 September 2011 entitled: “Memo to Congress: Impeachment probe needed now!” In his column he outlines ten reasons impeachment proceedings should be addressed. None of his reasons discuss skin color. None of his reasons discuss the term “natural born citizen”. All the reasons are based on the unconstitutional activities of Obama and his Attorney General Eric Holder. All the reasons are valid and should be investigated. The bottom line is President Barack Hussein Obama is destroying the country he swore an oath to protect and defend. Obama should be impeached, convicted and sent from office.

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