By: William P. Frasca

I would like to share with all my Patriot brothers and sisters, on this tenth anniversary of this tragic, catastrophic event which happened on September 11, 2001. This was something that I write on that sad terrified awful, senseless memorable day of despicable murder of innocence. This was my description. My emotions were highlighted by fear, anxiety, revenge, hate and most importantly prayer to the Almighty.

My sympathetic heart is fully extended to all those who needlessly lost their lives committed, by these Muslin terrorist cowards of uncompassionate souls. All those who have the mindless irrational arrogance to follow, must be realize that these barbaric acts of savagery will not be tolerated and will be punished to the fullest extent, and even if necessary and most preferably with extreme prejudice.

The protection and self defense of our citizenry and our Country must not be compromised.

God Bless and Protect our great and unique beacon of freedom throughout the world our beloved Country of the United States of America. As Americans we must be always be proud of our sacred land, and never falter. It is the highest greatest honor and privilege, with complete dedication, love, and compassion, to call myself a citizen of the United State of America. I love this fantastic Country.

Please take time to pray and remember all those who lost their lives, including their surviving loving families, together with the brave men and women who went into this hazardous situation of man made hell, on that day, to aide, assist and rescue, some gave the extreme sacrifice. These are our brave unselfish domestic heroes of unlimited affection. We must always return their unselfishness, and most importantly during their time of need. We must never forget.

American “Land of the Free and Home of the Brave”, with the help of God, may it stand strong forever.

William P. Frasca

Jersey City, N.J.


While jogging through the park, it suddenly became very dark.

There was a loud terrifying boom, followed by a strong feeling of doom.

Upon looking at the sky, a black cloud immediately passed by.

The trees, grass, and flowers turned totally gray,

Which obviously shouldn’t happen in the beginning of the day.

The light of the morning sun had banished,

Faster than the bluebird’s song that vanished.

The animals all heard the petrifying clatter,
and instantly they chaotically began to scatter.

The enormous frightening sound came from the river,
Which made my heart pound and my body shiver.

While I was slowly creeping and seeking.
There were people looking and weeping.

What we were witnessing didn’t make any sense;
It was the deliberate mass murder of innocence.

Looking at this catastrophic devastation of total destruction,
Creating nothing but a horrific and hideous production.

Filling the air with anger, hatred, helplessness and sorrow,
Praying that there will be a tomorrow.

William P. Frasca
Copyright 2001 William P. Frasca

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