By: Michael John McCrae

This week I have been inundated with report after report from ABC News, extolling the virtues of the anti-Semitic, scum-sucking, brain-damaged Iranian President; Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. I have read an article praising his next American adventure to the halls of the solidly anti-American United Nations and have viewed the article of his pending night on the town, on the tab of Columbia University. What is it about Columbia’s love for walking excrement?

The ABC reporters who’ve been tasked to shadow the little man are not asking the hard questions about his country’s many nuclear weapons sites; his proclivity for exclaiming Israel’s complete destruction; his retarded insistence that the Holocaust never happened or his government’s involvement in ninety percent of the world’s terrorist activity. No. The rule has been to ask the softball questions. How many minutes a day he exercises; does he drink his coffee black; why he takes off his shoes when in the office. He is being portrayed as a humanitarian.

He says he’ll personally involve himself in the release of two Americans that have suffered through two years of uncertainty in Iranian detention. But, of course he’d like to talk about all the Iranian terrorists and other criminals being held in American detention. He wants his homegrown terrorists back and he sees a way to get what he wants by schmoozing ABC with an “Exclusive” interview. “Mr. President, how do you manage to work at all on just 2 hours of sleep a night?”

Ahmadinejad should be arrested the moment he steps on American soil. He has made multiple terroristic threats against Israel. You remember Israel? Israel is supposed to be a key Middle East ally no matter how many Jimmy Carter and Barack Hussein Obama speeches to the contrary. Ahmmadinejad is training terrorists in Iran. He is sending these terrorists to Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine and other countries the world over to foment war against Western interests. Columbia University approves. ABC News apparently approves too.

There is probably little question where the next war will be. The so-called “Arab-Spring” has brought most all Northern Africa into the chaos of radical Islamism. It is only a matter of time before Egypt and Libya fall to the jihadists and Iran finds fertile ground to expand its brand of terrorism. Israel is speeding up its efforts to complete the fencing of its southern border with Egypt; (unlike Obama’s United States which prefers having millions of illegal, southern border jumpers working fast food restaurant drive-thru-windows). Diplomacy between Israel and Egypt has collapsed in the wake of the destruction of the Israeli Embassy in Cairo.

The Palestinians are going to New York to beg the United (anti-American) Nations to recognize them as a legitimate (though terrorist led) state. President Barack Hussein Obama has not committed to a veto. He does not want to have to exercise a veto and upset his pro-Muslim reputation. The entire region is a powder keg and the fuse is lit.

If President Barack Hussein Obama really wants to impress me, he might stop trying to raise my taxes and push through his largely unconstitutional, liberal-socialist, domestic policy. He might want to begin concentrating a bit more on National Security. He could really impress me if he would “unleash” Maxine Waters on the Iranian Theocracy; letting her tell them: “They can go straight to hell!” Or he might send the younger Hoffa to Iran to call all those radical Islamic mullahs “Sons o’bitches”!

Does somebody want to tell Vice President Biden that the real jihadist “barbarians” are radical Iranians?

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