Obama’s Stock is Falling

By: Craig Chamberlain

Honest historians will probably say that the high water mark of the Obama presidency occurred when he took the oath of office. It’s been all down hill ever since. Oh, sure, he was able to pass Obamacare, put us 14 trillion dollars in debt,, pass Dodd/ Frank, gut our military, and wreck our foreign policy. Quite a record for a leftist. In fact he thinks we should do more, he now wants a second stimulus package, only 400 billion, in the guise of a “jobs bill.” In the world of Barack Obama Americans should work for the government. But his “successes” have come at a cost. Ever since coming to power his prestige, and more importantly, his majority has gone up in smoke.

FDR, the patron saint of the American left, managed to pass his agenda, destructive though it was, and maintain his majorities. President Obama’s clout has disintegrated from the moment his presidency began. He began his term with super majorities in both houses of Congress, most of the Governors in the country were on his side. He began with the support of most of the people. He began his presidency by doing everything the people didn’t want him to do. No one wanted him to spend 800 billion on stimulus and bailouts. No one wanted Obamacare, no one wants Cap and Trade, no one a moratorium on offshore drilling, but we have them anyway and we’re told by our lecturer in chief that we should be grateful for his enlightened leadership and everything he has given us.

In 2009 he lost Virginia, and New Jersey. He carried both states in 2008, becoming the first Democrat to take Virginia since 1964, and New Jersey is solidly Democrat. The Democrats were bragging that they had put Virginia into the Democrat column. Now every state wide office in the Old Dominion is held by a Republican, and the majority of the House seats are held by Republicans. In New Jersey the people elected a Republican for the first time since 1997, and Governor Christie is no RINO. He’s been battling the Democrats in Trenton, and winning handily.

In Massachusetts, the Democrats weren’t just the majority party. For all intents and purposes they were the only party. The entire Congressional delegation was Democrat, the GOP presence in the state legislature was so minimal that it’s barely worth talking about. Yet when the people had the chance to choose a new Senator in a special election, they chose Republican Scott Brown who campaigned against President Obama. And the Bay State had it’s first Republican Senator in over 40 years.

Then came the elections of 2010. We all know what happened. The Democrats suffered their worst mid term defeats since 1946. The GOP picked up 65 seats in the House, and 6 seats in the Senate. They did it by campaigning against the President, and not local issues. The GOP picked up governorships in PA, OH, MI, ME, WI, IA, TN, KS, OK, FL, WY, and NM. The Democrats were obliterated on the state level as state legislatures across the country found themselves with GOP majorities, in some cases(as in the Minnesota house) for the first time ever.

The Democrats have even managed to lose the special election for the NY-9 district. The last time a member of the GOP represented this district Warren G. Harding was President of the United States. Senator Charles Schumer had represented this district, Geraldine Ferraro represented this district, yet President Obama has done such an awful job, that he can’t even hold onto a district where his party has a 3:1 advantage.

The Democrats can try to spin it anyway they want, but these elections were about the President and his policies. Whenever the American people have been given the chance to weigh in they have rejected the President and his agenda at every turn. They know that we can’t spend our way out of debt, they know that Obama care won’t work, they know that the best way to energy efficiency and independence is by using our own resources, and the free market, not radical environmentalism, and crony capitalism.

To put it simply if Obama were a publicly traded business, its stock would be worthless. The American people aren’t buying in. And why should they? Their observations about the country aren’t some form of irrational pessimism without any basis in reality. They’re pessimistic because the country is going in the wrong direction. We have high unemployment that refuses to budge, no matter what the President tries to do. Inflation is a real danger, prices are going up across the board, we have too many regulations that are making businesses uneasy and stopping them from investing, and the President wants more taxes to pay for his boondoggles, at a time when a record amount of people live in poverty.

None of this is good for the country. No one wants to see economic misery, unemployment, poverty, and incompetence. It does bode well for correcting the problem in 2012. If the GOP can convince the voters of Brooklyn, and Queens to elect a Republican congressman it’s likely that the GOP can convince the American people to elect a Republican President next year. It’s time to dump the Obama stock and buy one that’s actually going to pay dividends.

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