Chris Matthews: The New King of the Luds.

By: Dr. Phil Taverna

Chris Matthews was hysterical after the last Republican debate. The future president was not even off the stage and Matthews was ranting about something. It seems that he was taking a science view and wanted to call Governor Rick Perry the leader of the “Luddite Charge”.

Granted Matthews the star of maybe the lowest rated show on the networks has this thing for science. Maybe he is an Algore drinking buddy. But in my book I destroyed the concept of Global Warming so let’s destroy it some more today.

First off most people don’t have a clue what a Luddite is. And frankly nobody should care, except for Matthews.

It ends up that many years ago there was a King Lud. And when machinery such as looms was putting people out of work, the folks started breaking the machinery. When you think about it, it is not a bad idea if you own the machinery. The problem was that someone else owned the machinery. This concept can be seen as a fallacy that as technology improves and advances then it will put more people out of work. That really is not a fallacy on the surface. But what generally happens is other industries begin that put people to work. For example, the horse and buggy folks were probably pissed when the auto and trains came along. But auto making and train industry put more people to work then the horse and buggy ever put to work.

So King Lud Matthews has it all wrong. And I think he missed the definition. So in order for this wacko to make it work, he is claiming that green energy (what ever that is) is being broken down by the loons that don’t believe in Global Warming???? Maybe on MSNBC they have their own definition for global Luddite, but all the definitions available don’t seem to make sense but that didn’t keep the Hard Ball guy from flying into a fit of rage.

I don’t think anybody is against green energy. You can take all private sector money and Chinese money and make all the green energy you want. What you really mean by green energy is wind and solar. Wacko Darryl said the other day that even natural gas was bad. So there’s a wacko that not only wants to get rid of all fossil fuels but let’s throw in nuclear as well. These loons have to understand that there is not enough energy in the world to run all the cars on batteries if you limit yourself to solar and wind.

So let’s bring the Luddite wackos into perspective. The real problem the King Lud followers were dealing with was loss of jobs. That’s not the issue with green energy. The freaks like Matthews want to eliminate all non-green energy jobs. In his case he is not breaking any machinery, he wants to use cap and trade and bogus climatology science.

There is always a problem with commie wackos. What happen to the Luddites was that they found out that the market will take care of itself. Other jobs were created to replace those lost due to the mechanization of their industry. They might have had to do some retraining. The liberals always want to pay for that, but did they make the same money?

In Matthews’ commie world, they want to use non-marketing principles to regulate industries. In other words for the commies at MSNBC if green energy was all that good it would put non-green energy out of business. If you only use your imagination, (that’s all most liberals have working for them) you would be able to in your mind put up one windmill and create enough energy to supply an entire neighborhood.

Well the day you liberal wackos can do that, you will put the fossil fuel industry out of business! If you try to regulate fossil fuel industry out of business before that can happen, you will have a serious problem. By the way…That day has not arrived yet here or in the kingdom of Lud!

You could be the dumbest person on the planet, but if there is not enough energy to run our homes, businesses and transportation, there will be hell to pay!

Here’s some real science for the global warming freaks. I was looking at a weather website and ran across the entire month of August and it listed the record highs, record lows and averages and so forth. So Chris Matthews and his band of thieves can look at these numbers.

So if you take the month of August for my area, what would you expect the record temperatures to be in the last decade? You would also expect the averages to be going up as you get closer to this year. And there would not be any linear relationships from August 1 to August 31 in any given year especially since global warming kicked in.

I have written many times that if you are going to complain, then say the world is getting cooler and wetter (at least in my area). So in August the warmest August record days were in 1918 (August 6, 7, 8). Over hundred we had 2 days in 1955 and one day in 1916.

And there were only 3 days in 2001 and 2002 that were 98 degrees.

Ok so these are record temperatures but only Luddites from MSNBC can extrapolate Global Warming scientifically from these numbers.

Let’s look at the averages. If there was global warming there should not be a linear progression from August 1 to August 31st. But the mean and Average highs and lows are linear. The mean temperature on August first was 73 degrees. The mean temperature on August 31st was 68 degrees.

So if these freaks at MSNBC were correct there would not be a linear tendency. But since forever the mean temperature in the beginning of the month changed consistently until you reach the end of the month. If the global warming kooks could make an argument, they would have to show that the month of August from anytime in the past is getting warmer. There is no proof for that. But there is a ton of proof that the temperatures are getting slightly cooler.

The Luddites from MSNBC don’t get it. Cap and trade had only one purpose. Like cigarettes, they were going to tax the energy industry. The real farce is that they were going to take this money and globally give it to other countries to compete against the United States. Wasn’t NAFTA enough to hurt the American economy?

Stupid people like Obama must understand that you can’t control the marketplace. If green energy is weak and useless, no matter how much you subsidize it, it will not work. By the way you know that company that received over $500 million dollars to produce green energy and decided to close its plant and fire a bunch of people, is anyone going to investigate what happened to the money? My bet is this guy took the money and is investing it in China. Is anyone up for a bet? If we dig a little deeper maybe we can find Immelt and Buffet brokering the deal.

So Matthews, you commie freak, you have it backwards. No one is breaking the machines that are producing green energy. They don’t have too. Green energy is useless. What you intend to do is break the machines that make non-green energy! Now at no time has Governor Perry ever said to break the green energy machines. So if anyone is a Luddite it’s the freaks that are against non-green energy. Fossil fuel has become technologically advanced over the years. It is more efficient and cleaner then it has ever been. Some day green energy may become more efficient. But don’t hold your breathe! We may need it to turn the windmills. It is possible that each and every car will have its own miniature nuclear energy plant decades before we can balance a windmill on the roof of a moving car.

So Chris Matthews before you start calling people names, you might want to look in the mirror. And ask this one important question: “Mirror mirror on the wall whose the most capable to lead the Luddites?” My guess Chris is you will get the King Lud crown. You earned it!


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