Secretary Of State Opens Investigation Into Voter Registration By Former CSUF Illegal Alien Student Body President Pedro Ramirez

By: Guest Authors

Fresno, CA — September 21, 2011 — Self-described citizen’s advocate Neil O’Brien and 2012 Novato city council member candidate Jerome Ghigliotti say the Secretary of State is investigating their complaints and letters about a fraudulent voter registration card for former CSUF Student Body President Pedro Ramirez. Last year Ramirez admitted to being in the country illegally. It is a federal offense and a felony for an illegal alien to register to vote.

O’Brien says he received a phone call yesterday from Agent Thomas Quiroz confirming the Secretary of State’s receipt of O’Brien’s complaint. O’Brien says that Quiroz informed him that an investigation is now open, but that further information cannot be provided unless and until charges are filed.

O’Brien says his official Election Fraud complaint submitted that can be downloaded at the SOS website( contained a copy of the police report for Ramirez’s January 9th single-car 5:00 A.M. collision. (Mr. Ramirez and his attorney admitted that Ramirez did not have a legal driver’s license.) The information in the police report matched a voter registration card in Tulare County (Reg Number 10K 812329). As an illegal alien, Ramirez became an advocate and poster child for the DREAM ACT.

O’Brien operates the website, which is dedicated to investigating the former illegal alien ASI student body president, the DREAM ACT controversy, and other related issues at CSU Fresno.

“I feel relieved that the government is finally going to do something about this,” Says O’Brien. “I was beginning to think that the government was protecting Ramirez from paying the consequences of his crimes.”

Secretary of State Agent Thomas Quiroz can be contacted by phone at (559) 217-4361 or by E-mail .

About Neil O’Brien

O’Brien is a bilingual Fresno State senior. His parents immigrated here legally from Argentina. Neil began investigating Pedro Ramirez and CSU Fresno officials when it became apparent that student government along with local law enforcement officials would not hold Pedro Ramirez accountable for laws he knowingly violated after he knew he was in the US illegally.

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