Why is America’s economy on the skids? (And how can we get it back?)

By: Guest Authors

by: Charles E. Brewster, Ph.D.

All the voices we hear keep telling us that what we have to do to fix the economy is “jobs, jobs, jobs.” Then the squabble starts about how we get new jobs. Spend money. Cut spending. Lower taxes. Raise revenues (raise taxes). Do this. Do that. Don’t do this, etc.

None of these things will create jobs that will endure. If we are going to save America we have to pull back and look at the entire spectrum of the economy as a whole.

Suppose you and several friends were walking down a country road when you saw a car that had run off the road and down a hill and was stuck in a cornfield. The owner of the car was in front of the car trying to push it back up the hill. You and you friends decide to help.

Each of your friends has dozens of ideas on what needs to be done: “I think it’s out of gas.” “Put it in neutral.” “Straighten out the wheels.” “Take the spare tire out of the trunk to lighten the load.” “I’ll push, you pull.” “Put in reverse and gun it.” “Ease out on the clutch slow.”

After several hours of this, it occurs to you that the engine is running so quietly that you can’t even hear it. So you look under the hood, and Shazowie! The engine is gone! And then you realize that we’re never going to get this sucker out of the cornfield.

You ask the owner, “Where’s the dadblamed engine?” You just about puke when he tells you, “Oh it polluted so bad we took it out back up at the top of the hill and shipped it to China.” When you give him a look like you could wring his sorry neck he tells you, “But the car ran great coming down the hill except I couldn’t steer it and the brakes didn’t work.”

And this is the same reason why America’s economy is stuck in the quagmire of hopelessness. The politicians and the Green-weinie Environmental Whackos have ripped the engine out of America’s economy and nothing you hear from the politicians has any hope of restoring it.

What is so sad, all this has been planned for years. In 1982 John Naisbitt wrote a book titled “Megatrends.” Purporting to be an insightful look ahead, many saw it as the clarion call to steer the American economy away from being a “manufacturing economy’ into becoming a “service economy.” It was not a book about “what would naturally occur”, instead it was a book about “what insiders need to work toward in order to bring it to fruition.”

Now think about the kind of economy America had before the eighties. America created wealth internally through extracting commodity resources and manufacturing them into marketable products. We created real wealth through this process—a wealth that could be distributed throughout the workforce. This wealth had either lasting value (gold, silver, etc.) or it had an extended service life where the value was reduced over time until it reached its recyclable value (junk cars being crushed and re-melted). And even foreigners gave us of their wealth in exchange for what our economy produced.

Even if the commodity resource was extracted, refined and consumed internally by us (coal, oil, electricity, gasoline) it still contributed to the overall wealth of our nation even though it was a one-time-consumable wealth. (It provided creature comforts that we as wealthy people paid wealth from our own resources to enjoy.) Had we not bought these commodities from American providers, we would have had to pay an even larger portion of our wealth to foreigners to get them. And we would have had to settle for much less product. (Remember when we thought gas was outlandish when it went up to fifty cents per gallon?) Not being able to buy these things to provide for our creature comforts would not be wealth but poverty.

In the same way, farms provided commodities that are one-time-consumables. The farmer created wealth for himself by providing us with the food we eat. We paid wealth we had accumulated from other sources for this food. (We were wealthy and well-nourished rather than impoverished and malnourished.)

All these things came from the land itself to enrich us. Manufacturing and food preparation services provided added-value to these resources to further enrich us and our nation. In the past our country provided more of these things than we could consume internally so we exported these goods and gained even more wealth.

But what has happened today? Environmental Whackos pushed the politicians and the EPA to impose burdensome regulations that made our products outlandishly overpriced—sometimes even forcing businesses to close their doors. Trial lawyers and corrupt courts have become so abusive that some industries (especially among health services industries) carry as much as a 20% premium to cover or forestall money-grubbing litigation. (Why would your child car seat have to bear the warning “Not intended to be used as a flotation device.”?)

Some will argue that, “Being a service economy is good! Just look at Microsoft and the software developers.!” But those services will soon be overseas also. Just as your technical service calls are now delivered to you in bad accents that can scarcely be understood, soon your software manuals will be written in that same broken English.

As we become more and more a service economy, we will find that those service jobs will consist of providing one-time-consumables that deplete our wealth rather than enrich it. What little wealth we have will dwindle away as we forced to use it to provide for our day to day needs. How long will it be before a day’s pay will just buy one single loaf of bread? (As is spoken of in Revelation 6:6)

When we fully become a service economy we will become a nation of slaves.

So what is the answer? It can’t be a bunch of piddley little Mickey Mouse changes—tweak this, tweak that. We have to put the whole engine back in the car. There are hundreds of trillions of dollars of wealth in the natural resources in America. Let’s rescind all the laws enacted by Federal, state and local governments going back 100 years to 1911. Think of all the good things that would be accomplished immediately: No Federal Reserve System, no IRS, a five man Supreme Court. (The two youngest members would have to go first—Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan. Maybe two others would step down voluntarily.)

If a law was truly worthwhile, it could easily be reinstituted. We most certainly should reinstate the anti-discrimination laws that were passed by Republicans in the Eisenhower administration and by the Republicans during the Lyndon Johnson administration. Those would be a slam-dunk to revive. But even those laws would not have been made necessary had it not been for Woodrow Wilson and his institutionalized racism. (Which was further embedded by Democrats down through the Roosevelt years.) The horrors imposed on southern blacks by Democrats in the South are well documented. Those continued from the 1870’s until the 1980’s when southern Republicans started making a comeback.

The stranglehold the Leftist media had on America in 1964 during the Goldwater Era is gone. We need to be rethinking where the Left has taken us. We need to start asking the question, “What laws passed during the last one hundred years are worth keeping?” and “What should we do differently to replace those worthless (or counter-productive, oppressive, or even malevolent laws)?”

About half of the Republican presidential candidates this year are for (or give lip-service to) the Fair Tax Proposal. Instituting the Fair Tax would immediately save hundreds of billions of dollars per year in national wealth. Not only that, but the Fair Tax would immediately take away the 23% disadvantage that is imposed on American businesses that sell American-made product in this country. (Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to buy American products again? Products made in America by Americans who are working in real jobs that provide real wealth?)

Wouldn’t it be nice to see American steel mills operating again? And textile mills? (My Mom worked in a factory sewing uniforms during WWII, who makes our uniforms now?) And paper mills? (Most of my textbooks seem to be printed in China.) Wipe out all those disastrous (and probably subversive if not treasonous) laws that have been imposed on us during the last one hundred years and those industries can come back along with decent American jobs.

And in the same way the Leftist Whackos have ripped the heart out of the American economy, they have also ripped the soul out of the American heart. It was only about five years ago they made one last effort to outlaw Christmas. Store employees were not allowed—forbidden—to wish customers “Merry Christmas.” Christmas trees were called “Holiday Trees.” For crying out loud, which holiday? Bill O’Reilly almost singlehandedly put the quietus on that crap.

In the same way, things that were unthinkable fifty years ago have been imposed on us by the Whackos and perverts and their sock-puppet politicians. Fifty years ago if someone said America would be teaching its children homosexual perversions in kindergarten we would have regarded him as insane. But now, . . . not only that but homosexual marriage, homosexuals in the military, “hate laws” to give special status to homosexuals, etc. Do you not see that we can’t undo piecemeal what they have imposed over the last one hundred years? We need to have a clean sweep.

We need to sweep away all the laws that have outlawed the God of the Bible. God per se, is not outlawed in the public schools, not in government, nor in the public square. (They make a distinction as to which God is permitted). It is only the God of the Bible—especially the God of the Christians, Jesus Christ—that is forbidden in those places. (Chaplains in the Armed Services can no longer pray in the name of Jesus Christ.)

Why not demand from every candidate that they answer unequivocally, “What laws from the last one hundred years are worth keeping and will you work to rescind all the others?” And, “if not, why not?”

Give America back its heart to revive its economic corpse. (Do you not agree that the economy is dead?). Give America back its soul to revive its spirit. (Do you not agree that in many ways America, as a nation, is spiritually dead?)

It took a Jimmie Carter to give us a Ronald Reagan. It took a Bill Clinton to give us a George W. Bush. Let’s hope that a Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reed, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Van Jones, Rahm Emanuel, Chuck Schumer, Dick Durban, Dianne Feinstein, Al Franken, etc. (the hall of shame is almost endless), let’s hope that this bunch of radicals will be enough to put America back on track.

And let’s hope that God will have mercy on America once again and show Himself mighty by showering blessings n us as He has in the past. The best blessing we could have is for Him to give us a heart that desires to have Godly leaders in America again. Give us that and our troubles will be very few.

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