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September 12, 2011

Man vs. Wild

In southern Maryland, overlooking the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay with scenic vistas and abundant wildlife is Chesapeake Ranch Estates.

The Dominionist Manifesto

Filed under: Religion & Faith - 12 Sep 2011

There has been great gnashing of teeth in “progressive” circles of late over “Christian Dominionist Theology.”

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow has warned that much of the Republican presidential field embraces this startling, seditious sect of extreme fundamentalism. She’s breathlessly warned that Christian …

Rick Perry the Heretic

Whenever mainstream pundits identify a conservative as a Christian, brace yourself, the ax is about to fall. Even some right-wingers sneer that Rick Perry is Christian, and, if confrontation appears imminent, they all hide behind their solemn veneer of looking …

September 11, 2011

The End of Rumsfeld!

Filed under: Politics In General - 11 Sep 2011

This is the final and end discussion on the book written by Rumsfeld. There are some key points that should be discussed.

When Dry–Cleaning Attacks

Filed under: In The News - 11 Sep 2011

The pre–Labor Day holiday run up was a good week for stating the obvious in the Washington Post.

An area high school student, who shall remain nameless, concluded that outsourcing her science project to the parents was passé, so she decided …

America’s Job Status: Unemployed

Filed under: Economics,Featured Conservative - 11 Sep 2011

Need a job? How about a job that pays the bills? These questions no longer apply to isolated parts of the country that have faced natural disasters or workers displaced by ENRON-type white collar criminal activity. In America, finding substantive …

September 10, 2011

Palestine – Will The UN Endorse Ethnic Cleansing?

Filed under: Foreign Countries & Policy - 10 Sep 2011

Two of the many intriguing matters facing the United Nations in dealing with any proposal to seek recognition of a Palestinian Arab State along the 1967 lines – are:

The Ugly Truth of Obamacare

It’s been just over a year since the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare, was enacted. You can’t hide the ugly truth. This sprawling bureaucracy asserts federal control over the remarkable American healthcare system and severs …

Obama’s New Stimulus Czar

Obama’s selection of Alan Krueger to head the Council of Economic Advisers might be an upgrade from Austan Goolsbee, but not by much. Obama’s new economic adviser lacks the foresight to craft an economic agenda to actually put Americans back …

September 9, 2011

When Teddy Roosevelt Saved Football

Filed under: History - 09 Sep 2011

For more than a century baseball has been called America’s national pastime, and Major League Baseball is flourishing today. However, in recent decades, football—college and professional—has surpassed baseball in popularity and prominence. For many men and some women, fall weekends …

Liberal, Socialist “Civility”

Reading the headlines on “Drudge” today was like having ingested a box of toothpicks.

Although I consider myself an Independent; I identify with much of the TEA Party agenda; especially when it comes to less government, lower taxes and a …

Zero Jobs in August, Hope and Change at Work

Filed under: Economics,Featured Conservative,In The News - 09 Sep 2011

Even by the Obama administration,s abysmal standards the August job report had to have been bad news. How do you spin zero new jobs? “My fellow Americans, we had zero net jobs added to the work force, but at least …

September 8, 2011

Female journalists brutally murdered in Mexico City

Two female Mexican journalists were discovered brutally murdered in the Mexican capital, according to a U.S. DEA agent working in Mexico City, who spoke on condition of anonymity. They are the latest casualties in a war just as deadly and …

Tea Party Patriots Stand Strong for America

The Declaration of Independence is the cornerstone of liberty for American citizens. It is a profound statement of human liberty in which the founders of our nation asserted that all people are created equal and endowed by God with “unalienable …

My Email from Barack Obama Regarding his Joint Session of Congress’ Job Speech, and My Reply

Filed under: Featured Conservative,Politics In General - 08 Sep 2011

I received a personal email from our President, Barack Obama. He bemoaned his frustration with having to work with another branch of the government, and for good reason. The poor man suffered through two years of a do-nothing Congress that …

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