Americans Protest Rick Perry’s Support For Illegal Immigrants


ALIPAC’s prediction that “Rick Perry Is Finished” went viral on the web and in the media this weekend. This has led to the group announcing plans to protest outside of Rick Perry events in an effort to forewarn voters about Perry’s numerous efforts to support the illegal immigrants and encourage illegal immigration.

Rick Perry’s support levels have fallen dramatically since he reaffirmed his support for in-state tuition subsidies for illegal immigrants, legislation he signed into law in Texas which is opposed by 81% of Americans of all races and parties according to recent national polling conducted by Rasmussen Reports. Perry accused opponents of in-state tuition for illegal immigrants of being heartless.

ALIPAC has helped to defeat similar legislation in 20 states in the last six years starting with the dramatic defeat of HB 1183 in North Carolina in 2005.

“This was Rick Perry’s ‘Dukakis moment’ when he told the over 80% of Americans who opposed his radical support for illegal immigrants that they were heartless for opposing the replacement of their own children with illegal aliens in our limited seats in college,” said William Gheen, President of ALIPAC. “How many tens of thousands of innocent American students have been denied the limited seats in the colleges of their choice thanks to Perry’s incentives for illegal immigrants?”

A few states like Texas snuck the in-state tuition for illegal immigrants legislation into law with a shortage of media coverage or political opposition. Since ALIPAC has formed, media coverage and organized activist opposition has led to defeat for such legislation in most states except for Maryland and Wisconsin, where there are active efforts to repeal the bad laws.

ALIPAC believes Rick Perry is unfit to be President of the United States because of his recent promotion of in-state tuition for illegal aliens, Perry’s choice to side with President Obama and Mexico against Arizona’s SB 1070 illegal immigration bill, and Perry’s opposition to significant border fencing. Rick Perry also supports commercial Mexican trucks rolling freely into the US without adequate inspection and “bi-national health insurance” between American and Mexico.

While Perry touts the fact that Texas is one of the few states to create jobs recently, a Center for Immigration Studies report proves that 81% of these new jobs in Texas have been filled by illegal and recent immigrants instead of suffering American citizens.

“If Perry becomes president he will continue the radical and treasonous open borders agenda pursued by Obama, Bush, McCain, and the other servants of the globalists,” said William Gheen. “Can you imagine an economic recovery where Americans in all states watch 4 out of 5 new jobs be given to legal and illegal immigrant labor? We must continue to protest Perry to assure that every American voter is warned.”

ALIPAC is asking Republican and Tea Party groups across America to identify Rick Perry campaign events and fund raisers, and to arrange protests designed to bring more attention to Rick Perry’s unpopular positions in support of illegal immigration.

ALIPAC will lead a protest this Thursday, September 29th, at the corner of Carnegie Blvd. and Barclay Downs Dr. in Charlotte, NC, from 11:30am to 1:30pm (ET) outside of Rick Perry’s $1,000 a plate fund raiser hosted at the ‘San Antonio’s Modern Mexican Restaurant’. Groups and campaigns that share ALIPAC’s racially inclusive and popularly supported advocacy for immigration law enforcement are encouraged to attend.

“We call on Americans who are loyal to American citizens to protest Rick Perry events nationwide to warn voters of Perry’s loyalties to illegal immigrants,” said William Gheen. “Rick Perry is Finished if the public is accurately informed about his real record on illegal immigration.”

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