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October 3, 2011

What is Obama’s economy all about? Is it Stupid and a Big Fat Lie?

Filed under: Economics - 03 Oct 2011

I don’t quite understand when the polls have questions like what is the most important issue for Americans today. And today the number one and two issues are jobs and the economy. Now I can imagine two economists like Friedman …

Alert! EPA Monster Sighted in Kansas

Filed under: Radical Environmentalism - 03 Oct 2011

In the current GOP 2012 presidential debates, all the Republican candidates have voiced the need to drastically re-structure the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Under the current EPA director, Lisa Jackson, the Obama administration is unleashing on the country the most …

Gov. Perry, Welcome to Your Past

Filed under: Elections & Voting,History,The Republicans - 03 Oct 2011

During my misspent youth, I was a Democrat. Consequently, when I started my political consulting firm I wanted to be true to my mistaken convictions, so I only worked for Democrat clients.

The Democrats’ Deadly Sin

Envy is sadness or discontent at another’s good fortune or excellence. Dante defined it as a perversion of one’s own good; a “wish to deprive” others of their own good. Augustine deemed it “the diabolical sin.”