Economy Numbers: Are they all lies? Was President Bush Great or is Obama a liar?

By: Dr. Phil Taverna

I have personally heard that Obama has created millions of jobs. And these liberal robots come on the air and repeat the same thing. I think I have heard numbers or lies from about 2 million to 7 million jobs created by Obama. And that’s ok; we are used to the lies by the liberals. But where are the economists or bean counters. There is no way that Obama has created any jobs.

Let me back up a minute. The way normal people look at jobs is to look for net gain. Every day in America someone loses a job and someone gains a job. We have folks that work several jobs at the same time. But I think what the liberals and Obama want you to believe is that just like the bogus jobs saved number you are only to look at jobs gained and not the jobs lost. So when Obama and the CBO were talking about change you can believe in, you thought money in your pockets, they were actually talking about changing how we look at the jobs market.

So let’s go back to President Bush. How many jobs did he create on the net basis?

Let’s step back a little bit further and ask how many jobs did Clinton lose? Remember the liberals want you to think Clinton was an economical genius. He may have been good with women but we have to question his ability in economical terms specifically jobs.

I don’t want you to believe these numbers but let’s use them in general terms. When Billy Bob Clinton passed NAFTA the claim is that we lost 2.4 million jobs since 2001 because of Clinton’s Free Trade NAFTA.

My guess is the number is much larger. Remember when you lose a factory that is not all that you lose. For example when Etch a Sketch moved to China in 2001, they closed down the factory in Bryan Ohio. If you will allow me let’s say that they employed 20,000 people in the factory. So they would claim 20,000 jobs were lost to China.

We also lose all the collateral jobs. If a dentist was seeing 2,000 of those factory workers as patients, he is in trouble as well. If you round it off, the effect on the economy is probably more like 30,000. If it was just one factory here and there, it is probably not a big deal. But in areas like Florida, the Northeast and California to name a few, they lost American jobs in the hundreds of thousands. If you live near New York City there was always a job to be found. But losses that great even make areas like NYC want for new businesses.

If I were you I would take their numbers and add a third. So instead of 2.4 million jobs lost to Mexico then we are probably seeing a loss of 3.1 million jobs. And a job loss of that magnitude has to work its way negatively to other areas like government jobs.

Now that’s only Mexico. They claim we lost another 2.4 million jobs to China. So lets round that up as well to 3.1 million jobs.

So under Clinton the wizard of the great economy, he started the snowball effect of losing over 6 million American jobs.

When Obama is referring to inheriting a mess, was it Clinton’s mess? So if we look at President Bush’s numbers he started in Jan 2001 with 132.5 million jobs. Then he was hit with a crashing Clinton economy and 6 million jobs sent out of the country. President Bush’s low point occurred in June 2003. The jobs numbers were 129.8 million. Obama would look at this as a gain of 2 million jobs. But honest people will tell you we lost almost 3 million jobs in 2.5 years. President Bush did inherit a mess from his predecessor, but did you ever hear him complain? He didn’t have time; he was working to fix the problem. Complaining does not fix the problem!

Also keep in mind when you move a factory out of the country you need to hire workers to pack everything up and ship it out of the country. There are expenses and jobs created to demolish the buildings or rent them out for other purposes or board them up. You need to hire more people to work in the Box Stores so we can distribute the foreign made products faster.

By July 2003 the Bush economical procedures reached an impact point where for the first time in his presidency the jobs numbers began to go up. By January 2008 the job numbers had reached almost 138 million. So “dumb” President Bush won back the jobs and added in real numbers 5.5 million jobs in 7 years.

You would think with these job numbers and the fact that the surge was working in Iraq the liberal media would have come to praise President Bush instead they chose to bury him. And not once did President Bush blame anyone else!

So maybe Obama can learn. You can build the economy without cutting spending and without raising taxes.

So what happened after January 2008? The Democrats got real scared. If this news got out, they would be clobbered in November. So they began to destroy the financial world.

So maybe the protestors should be outside the DNC office instead of Wall Street!

By August 2008 they had reduced every appraisal in America by at least 23%. That means that your house by then was worth 23% less then what it was worth by the end of 2007. Credit cards became a problem. Investing in real estate became a fiasco. And what effect did this have on the jobs market?

Even if you were the dumbest person on the planet you would expect the jobs number to go down. It was a slow descent until about August 2008 when the housing market was being dismantled by the Democrats while visions of campaign wins danced in their heads.

So by January 2009 the numbers had reached 133.6 million. So after all the tinkering by the Democrats to destroy the economy to win the 2008 election, President Bush still walked away with a net gain of a million jobs. And if it was not for the Democrats imploding the housing market he would have walked off with over 7 million jobs.

That’s what Obama should have inherited. No wait, if the job market was left untainted by the Democrats, Obama would have lost the election!

So the next time Obama says he has created 2 million jobs or that he inherited a mess from previous administrations, just yell out at the top of your lungs that he is a liar!

You might want to tell him all he has to do is roll back the appraisals to Jan 2008 and get out of the way. The Americans will do the rest!

In all fairness we should address Obama’s numbers. He inherited in Jan 2009 a jobs count of 133.6 million. His low point was September 2010. The numbers were 129.8 million.

As of June 2011 the number is 131.0 million jobs. We can argue the cause of all the job losses by Obama but at the end of the day, he has lost 2.6 million jobs as of June 2011. That’s 30 months into his presidency. From his low point (2010) he has created 1.2 million jobs. We can only look at that number if we forget about 21 months of his presidency. Some would like to forget his entire presidency. No one ever forgot any part of President Bush’s presidency. I guess that’s what the liberals mean by tolerance.

So at the end of the day Obama has lost 2.6 million jobs during his watch. He has not netted a net gain. He must be counting his jobs saved in his bogus number of jobs created.

But as true Americans we should close our ears to all the political rhetoric. It is time for Americans to focus on the creation of real jobs not the bogus jobs that only exist in the minds of Obama and his liberal pundits. We should demand real jobs and not the extravagant government jobs that weigh heavy on the purse strings of the United States.

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