Economy Won’t Improve With Government

By: Craig Chamberlain

President Obama would have the people believe that the reason that the economy hasn’t improved is because Congress hasn’t gotten off their lazy butts and passed his jobs bill. Yeah, I’m sure that’s the reason. Can we now, finally, bury the body of John Maynard Keynes? It’s really starting to stink. It has been a deeply treasured belief of the left, for over a century, that government is the primary creator of wealth. If you’re prosperous and successful it’s only because they made you that way. Your hard work and business acumen had nothing to do with it. No, it’s the layers and layers of bureaucracy, redistribution of money, and taxes, that create a healthy economy. Someone go and ask Greece how that’s working out for them.

President Obama is either a true believer in the power of the state or he’s deliberately trying to crash things. Personally, I think it’s the former rather than the latter. But it’s not going to work. His idea of punishing the rich, most of whom are really middle class business owners, is only going to push unemployment higher. There is a large movement in this country, sometimes it’s dormant, right now it’s quite active, that wants to overthrow the capitalist system, and replace it with an economy controlled by the state. We call these people Democrats. Look at these spoiled brats, aging hipsters, and Marxist goons with their occupy wall st movement. They pompously claim that they represent 99% of the American people, as if this is some banana republic where a tiny cadre controls all the wealth, and the rest of us live in poverty in the haciendas. If there were any leadership, or brains, in Washington they would really occupy wall st, with troops and teach these thugs a lesson that the world wouldn’t soon forget. Not likely with this administration, but hey, a guy can dream.

The hits keep coming, a judge in Wisconsin, Patrick J. Fiedler, has said that a dairy farmer doesn’t have the right to drink the milk from his own cow. His ruling, in typical progressive fashion is sweeping, declaring that the farmers don’t have the right to own cattle, or drink the milk. The farmers don’t have the right to produce, or consume, the foods of their choice. Essentially, as far as the good judge is concerned, there is no such thing as private property. There is only public property that the state allows you to occupy or operate. This is the vision and dream of the left. Everything for the state, nothing outside of the state.

And they expect to create prosperity like this? After all if shovel ready projects can’t get the economy going what hope do we have? An 800 billion stimulus wasn’t good enough to fix the economy, so their solution is to spend even more. To be truthful they don’t care about economics. It’s not a subject that interests them. For the left everything is political, controlling the money means controlling the economy, and controlling the economy means controlling the votes. They don’t care if their scheme works or not, in truth they probably hope it doesn’t. The more people in poverty and dependent on the state means more people who need the Democratic party to support them. The only way they can hope to retain power is the hope that Americans buy into their class warfare rhetoric, and most Americans start to agree with the occupy wall street filth.

Here’s what someone should point out to the clowns in the Administration. Higher taxes chase away investment, and keep unemployment high. High debts and deficits weaken our currency, cause inflation, and weaken the buying power of the American consumer. It’s why I spend about 50 to 80 dollars more on groceries for the exact same amount of groceries. More government regulations tie the hands of business and get in their way, slowing them down, and preventing them from hiring more people. Government is an impediment to the creation of wealth, not the catalyst for it.

We’re not going to see economic growth under this administration. They’re not willing to take the proper economic course of deregulation, lower taxes, and pro business policies. They’re following Einsteins law of insanity: insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. They expect government intervention to produce an economic boom, we can’t legislate and regulate our way back to low unemployment and a strong economy.

If we want an economic recovery the only recourse open to us is next year, and voting out President Obama and his allies.

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