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October 8, 2011

Hank Williams Jr. And The First Amendment

Filed under: In The News - 08 Oct 2011

Freedom of speech is finally dead, please say it isn’t so? We all knew that our President, Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One” and his family were the sacred cows, the Holy Grail, placed on a pedestal by the main …

Palestine – Fixing The Figures, Fudging The Facts

Filed under: Foreign Countries & Policy - 08 Oct 2011

As the United Nations Security Council and the General Assembly continue to consider the PLO application for the State of Palestine to be admitted as the 194th member of the UN – there is concern in Jordan that …

An Ominous Setup For The 2012 Elections

Filed under: Elections & Voting,The Republicans - 08 Oct 2011

It is altogether unfortunate that Herman Cain opted to play the race card in his quest for the Republican presidential nomination. In an interview on ABC, Cain derided Texas Governor Rick Perry over the supposed presence of a racial epithet …

UPMC’s Taking Snit With Highmark Out On Patients?

Filed under: J.J. Jackson's Opinion,Potpourri - 08 Oct 2011

In the Greater Pittsburgh area, the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) is well known. Sometimes however it is not known for the best of reasons. While UPMC has many good doctors that work for it and is …

AG Holder suspected of perjury; GOP demands special counsel

Filed under: Corruption,Featured Conservative,In The News - 08 Oct 2011

Republicans are calling for a special counsel to determine whether Attorney General Eric Holder perjured himself during his testimony regarding “Operation Fast and Furious.”

Republican lawmakers are demanding a special counsel to investigate the Obama Administration’s “Operation Fast and …