Hank Williams Jr. And The First Amendment

By: William P. Frasca

Freedom of speech is finally dead, please say it isn’t so? We all knew that our President, Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One” and his family were the sacred cows, the Holy Grail, placed on a pedestal by the main stream liberal sellout, yellow bellies of the media and press dominated and manipulated by idiotic, absurd politically correct jerks.

They were and are the “untouchables”. Now I’m in total agreement that any and all public figures’ offspring, the adolescent family members, the children are definitely off limits. The children should never suffer, be abused or ridiculed because of their parents. They must be left alone.

All public figures, elected and appointed bureaucrats must expect positive or negative rebuttals of all dominations. Their spouses such as our First Lady, Michelle Obama, must be placed in that same category? If you verbally attack, impose your will on anyone, and decide to join the rhetoric, such as she does constantly throughout her husband’s tenure in office. She must expect to be criticized and considered fair game to counter any and all opinions, demands, arrogances and vocal participations.

Unfortunately if you are a Republican, Conservative or any Party besides the Socialists Marxist Liberal Democratic Party and The Progressive movement, these human decencies and respect for the oppositions’ children are not recognized. These so called human beings are despicable? Go ask Governor Palin, if they were decent towards her children. They fabricated any and all non-sense against them, because she didn’t agree with their sick mentality and ideologies? They treated them all as Public enemy number one, even relentless nitpicking towards her Down Syndrome son, Trig.

There was no praise offered for her son, Track joining the United States Army to fight for our Country, and protecting their and our rights for freedom. Please pray that the Good Lord will protect all our brave soldiers, military, civilian and enforcement personnel, their families, including all our allies.

Let’s continue with our freedom of speech, which is protected by the First Amendment of our United States Constitution. Public United States Citizen Hank Williams Jr. spoke his peace of mind and opinion on “Fox and Friends. He made a statement comparing our President Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One” to Adolph Hitler. Williams continued his opinionated statement by mentioning Obama’s golf outing with Speaker of the House John Boehner. He said it was a political mistake, on par with “Hitler playing golf with (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin) Netanyahu.” This was his absolute right to say as an American citizen.

The vultures on ESPN, once again showed their true colors of being pathetic cowards to the unscrupulous demigods, bowing crawling and kissing the feet of the politically correct morons, who aggressively and constantly attack truth, justice and the American way. Don’t dare to contradict their beliefs or their leadership? They immediately, without even letting the corpse to get cold, after (23) twenty three seasons of brining in Monday Night Football, with “All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight” and “Are You Ready For Some Football”, they unmercifully, without appeal pulled and fired Hank Williams Jr. from that same day, Monday Night Football Show. What Country are we Living In? I might be the only one but I will continue to boycott ESPN for being weak, unfair, feeble minded sad losers, afraid of their own shadow?

No one should be subjected to these strong arm tactics, forced to beg for forgiveness or subdued into submission, for exercising their right to free speech? This must not go unchallenged! Show your support, contact ESPN and demonstrate your outrage!

America my America you are slowing deteriorating into oblivion. This must never happen in our beloved Country. This is sacrilege! He didn’t yell fire in a crowded movie theater; he just spoke what was in his heart, rightfully criticizing, “The Chosen One”. President Bush was called worse, yet did you ever hear of anyone being fired, from using any vulgarity in public or private against him? This is an atrocity!

Why does media bias exist, is it because we became so complacent as lambs to slaughter by the Liberals, knowing that they are fighting the Silent Majority, who remains silent? Even while one of their own is scarified, on the Progressive alter of repressive tyranny, sitting passively on their hands while our Country is rapidly falling?

It is a quick death of a free Nation? What could you possibly tell your children and grandchildren, when they ask, “What happened to our freedoms”? “Did You Do Anything to Protect them”? Did anyone defend them from The Socialist Marxist Liberal Democratic hordes of contempt? I’m not joking! What would you say?

What would you tell them, when they ask, what is the First Amendment? What is the Constitution? Why was it taken away? What is a hamburger? What is Coca Cola? What is salt? What is bacon and eggs? What is a McDonalds? Why can’t I be educated? Why were these books burned? Why can’t I choose my own career? Why do I have to live here? Why can’t I live there? What happened to my freedom of choice? What happened to my freedom of expression? What happened to a government of, by, and for the people? Why is my life so limited? Why am I guilty and must prove my innocence? Why am I in jail with no appeal? What did you do to stop this form of total control and dictatorial rule? What will be your answer? Hank Williams Jr. is just the beginning.

I am not stressing any violent overthrow of the government, this is totally out of the question, because we are Americans, not barbarians and firmly believe in these mighty words, “We The People”. There are multiple peaceful legitimate legal measures to correct this outrage and protest at out disposal. Our Forefathers gave us the tools; we must use them all to bring America back from the depths of despair, away from the clenches of forced totalitarianism. We must protect America, our Constitution and all our inalienable rights, without compromise! God Bless America Always?

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