C[A]AIR: Council [of] Anti-American Islamic Radicalism?

By: Michael John McCrae

Islam, as we all have been informed, is a “religion of peace”. It is a tolerant and respectful religion. That is until you forsake it as “divisive, hateful poison to a society.”

This is the view of a former Shariah Muslim and author Nonie Darwish who has been invited to speak at the George Mason University of Law in Virginia. Ms. Darwish left Shariah Islam thirty years ago and wrote a book of her experiences entitled: “Cruel and Usual Punishment: The Terrifying Global Implications of Islamic Law.” CAIR, the Council on American Islamic Relations has taken exception to George Mason’s invitation. They would prefer to censor Ms. Darwish’s right to speak openly and freely about the seedy aspects of Shariah.

For more background you can read the “WorldNet Daily” exclusive entitled: “CAIR claims former Muslim’s criticism of Islam reminiscent of Nazi Germany” by Drew Zahn (October 2nd 2011). CAIR believes student organizations should not be subjected to any views in opposition to Islam. This is similar to California saying students should not be subjected to accurate views of the seedier aspects of homosexuality. California schools are only permitted to glorify homosexuality. CAIR says one should only glorify Islam. CAIR does not want anyone to hear Ms. Darwish’s personal story.

From the article: “… Darwish…sees Muslims as…victims of Shariah (or Islamic) law, say[ing] CAIR is falsely equating criticism of a religion with hatred for a people because “the problem for CAIR is that they cannot debate us about the glaring truth, so they claim we hate Muslims, trying to deflect the attention of the American people from the true worldwide problem of Islamism, jihad, Shariah and tyranny.” So Ms. Darwish has nothing against Muslims. Her concern is the spread of the hateful and poisonous aspects of the “Shariah” form of Islam, which she considers tyrannical.

CAIR’s argument mirrors the argument of the militant homosexual community. Christians hate gay people because they are gay. No. Christians do not hate gay people. Christians do hate homosexuality, which is sin. In fact Christians hate all sin so we hate Washington greed, thievery, political lying and anti-Constitutionalism. We don’t hate the politicians. We do hate the immorality of politicians. We don’t hate gay people. We hate the immorality and the abnormality of homosexuality. We don’t hate Muslims either. We just hate having thousands of Americans killed in American cities by Muslims. What is not to hate? Sin is sin and sin is to be despised whether it comes dressed in a politician’s suit, a Muslim’s robe or some homosexual’s cross-dressing stitchery.

This is the basis of Ms. Darwish’s message: “Islam is a poison to a society. It’s divisive. It’s hateful,” Darwish told the Florida rally. “Islam should be feared, and should be fought, and should be conquered, and defeated and annihilated, and it’s going to happen. Ladies and gentlemen, Islam is going to be brought down. … Because Islam is based on lies and it’s not based on the truth. I have no doubt whatsoever that Islam is going to be destroyed.”

Well, as much as I would like to see the fruition of that message I find I disagree. I believe Islam will eventually join the forces of Communism under the Chinese to begin the Third World War. I believe this war has already begun with the Islamic states conspiring to crush the United States on the energy production level while the Chinese work to crush America on the economic level.

The cultural level of the United States has already been pretty much destroyed by the internal forces of liberalism; having taken over much of the educational establishment; allowing millions of illegal border jumpers to take up residency without enforcing assimilation; allowing radical homosexuals to destroy traditional marriage and entertaining incessant ACLU lawsuits against Jewish and Christian traditions by Atheists and other (other-than-Islamic) anti-religionists. Islam is good. Christianity and Judaism are bad.

CAIR is a terrorist organization. It supports Palestinian terrorism, radical Shariah Wahabbism and the complete destruction of Israel and the United States. The organization should be investigated, disbanded and returned to the pit of hell from whence it came. The Muslims who organized CAIR would probably stare you right in the face and tell you they are patriotic Americans just exercising their right to free speech and assembly. Well, the speech involves overthrowing America. The assembly probably involves the dirty bombs to make that happen.

Ms. Darwish’s message is an important one. It must not be censored to protect the terrorists running CAIR. (Additional Background: “Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld That’s Conspiring to Islamize America” (Authors: P. David Gaubatz, Paul Sperry)

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