Herman Cain: Will your 999 help the Economy? Will it create American Jobs?

By: Dr. Phil Taverna

Herman Cain as a presidential candidate is a great speaker. But his Nein, Nein, Nein plan will not create one real job. So when it comes to voting you also might think about voting nein (no) as well.

You hear from all these idiots that think all you have to do is change the tax structure and all will be well. You would have to be the dumbest person on the earth to buy in to that one.

Bill O’Reilly who says some really dumb things has created the consumption tax for his audience. This is basically a national sales tax that will be used solely to pay down the national debt. So he went to Harvard and he is supposed to be bright but how stupid is he?

What’s even funnier is as he gets thousands of emails he changes his plan. So it started out at one percent and now it’s already up to 2 %. And now there is a prerequisite that spending has to be drastically cut.

We are seeing a slow learning curve of a “Pinhead” but Billy; if you cut spending you don’t need a consumption tax. Obviously he has surrounded himself with a staff of liberals so he can be fair and balanced. Is that another expression for just plain old stupid?

But there is no reason to change the tax code. The tax code is not the problem, unless like Obama you really want to raise taxes so you can spend more. Any idiot can spend more money; it takes a leader to stop spending.

So Herman wants to lower personal income tax to 9%. So right now the richest pay about 30% tax and the poor get money back that they don’t pay in. So Herman has to tell us how people earning $30,000 a year are going to pay $2,700 in income taxes? So this is stupid and is not going to happen in our lifetime. For anyone to suggest such a stupid thing must have gone to a special school like Harvard. But Cain has none of those pedigrees in his repertoire!

He wants to lower corporate tax to 9%. We must assume he means capital gains tax. That is presently at 15%. That doesn’t make sense. But let’s think like Carter and dream that as we lower corporate tax, more companies will buy into it, create more businesses in America and in turn will create more real jobs and they will pay more tax revenue in the till and make America prosperous again. This I could buy into if we eliminated most of the anti-business regulations. President Bush Senior promised a kinder gentler nation, we haven’t seen that. Obamacare is just the opposite.

So the reduction of capital gains by 6% does not sound right. It is extremely capitalistic but it needs to be countered by a huge increase in the number of real jobs. I want to see a physical plan to create real jobs. Aren’t you tired of hearing about all the lies that exist in the minds of politicians but never materialize?

The other promise would be the reduction of legal and illegal immigrations. Granted some have made this country greater but many have become a burden on our surplus free economy. So just maybe we should keep the revenue generators and help the system suckers find a new home.

The 9% sales tax proposed by Cain is by far the stupidest idea I have heard about since O’Reilly’s consumption tax. The Taverna Plan is to have only a National Sales Tax. You need to eliminate all the other taxes.

But a Cain 9% National Sales Tax is stupid. He admits that after all this change in the tax code which would probably take forever to implement; the amount of taxes collected would be the same as it is today. He said that. If he said that with a straight face then he is stupid. Why change a tax code if the results are the same.

Now frankly I don’t agree that the amount of taxes collected will go down. The poor are not going to pay more. They will pay none. Once you modify the law to include that, the new Cain Mutiny will spiral down to the same old tax code we have today. Nothing but a bunch of waivers and exceptions!

So I think it is safe to assume that Cain may be as dumb or inexperienced as Obama. And look what Obama has brought to this nation: The worse economy ever in the history of this great nation. And he wants to run for 4 more years. Now is that dumb or is it dumber?

Cain did kill Abel, but Cain needs to kill this whole concept of 999. 9% sales tax by itself would be great. A 25% sales tax by itself would be great. But when you add all these other taxes to the mix it becomes absurd. Most rich people pay about 50% in taxes now. So under the Cain plan they would probably pay less revenue in taxes. The poor guy would be hit with an extra 9% sales tax added to the state sales tax of maybe 8%. Now guess who is going to pay that added sales tax for the poor people? You will be paying!

Let’s say you sell your house for $100,000 next year. Besides all the other taxes you are hit with at closing, the buyer will be hit with a $9,000 national sales tax. That’s absurd! Did you know Obamacare also hits the sale of your home with a tax?

So the bottom line is simple, don’t change the tax code. For every change there is an equal and opposite reaction and the consequences are usually unforeseen by our corrupt politicians. And the American taxpayer ends up paying more!

If you really want to help the economy, cut spending. Let’s start with 10% across the board. Except for Lady Obama and Obama’s travel expenses, they need to be cut by 90%.

For all those freaks that are out there protesting Wall Street, you are in the wrong place. The liberal politicians sent over 6 million jobs to Mexico, India and China. Your politicians did nothing to save those jobs. Clinton made sure you could be retrained to work at the box stores and fast food restaurants, but he did nothing to save the 6 figure job you were looking for when you graduated from college. So don’t feel bad, keep voting for the liberals. The politicians’ kids are well taken care of. They saved the 6 figure jobs for them. So stop protesting and get rid of your stupid liberal ideas that have failed since the 60’s.

Do you also know that we import foreigners in to teach in our schools? Check in Stroudsburg. Pa. It has been rumored if they hire a foreign person that doesn’t speak English too well to teach in our schools, instead of you, they get more funding. Keep electing those commies!

Support the capitalists and just maybe by the time your children are of age, the 6 figure jobs will have returned to America.

Prosperity can not be found by taxing the rich. It may be found if you have connections with a politician. But real prosperity comes only from having the freedom to make your own prosperity. Remember a government job and its benefits can be taken away from you tomorrow. But a real job is yours to keep and to make more prosperous.

Also taxing the rich is only short term. That’s the way Obama thinks. He thought his short term trillion dollar stimulus would create long term prosperous jobs. To date his liberal short term policies have netted no real jobs. And you will find no honest businessman or economist that will tell you that by taxing the rich, you will help our economy and create a job for you.

If you don’t believe me, return to school and chat with your liberal teachers and professors. My dad always complained that he would be rich if he went to college. So I will say the same to you. “How many teachers that taught you your liberal make-believe thoughts of socialism are rich today?” If you want to be rich and or prosperous you might want to learn from the rich? Very few people like the Kennedys are born with a silver spoon in their mouth. Most people who become rich do so by prospering in a capitalistic society or a politically corrupt society or a good lawsuit or a winning lottery ticket! Which would you prefer?

So at the end of the day the 999 plan will be as productive as the Obama commie plans. And they have not created or netted any real jobs in Two and a Half Years! I just hope you can wait a little bit longer for a real job!


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