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By: Christine Biediger

The miscreants of the “Occupy Wall Street” movement were initially a curiosity – silly, ridiculous, addle-minded losers who somehow found each other in this time, place and cause. Rather pitiable, they bear a remarkable resemblance to the pathetic souls who signed on to communism in the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s, right here in our own, free nation.

Back in those days, it was the narcissistic seekers who were easily sucked into the underground, communist organizations. The ideology, which played into their “poor me” mentality was an attractive beacon to those who were seeking something. “Not fair! Not fair!”, was the mantra which connected them. Whatever the thing was that was “not fair” differed from one person to the next, but the movement did not care. The movement simply needed the energy behind the emotion, to fuel its machine. The machine was power – the power to mow down any and all who stood in its way, without even feeling a bump.

It’s been a long time since anyone has been willing to take communism seriously. The political and journalistic left admitted long ago (at least to themselves), that they were, if not brothers of communist warriors, then at least first cousins. They, too, desired to be behind the machine – to gain ultimate power. But it would not be wise to let the cat out of the bag too soon, and so they mocked and scorned those who warn of the imminent danger that communism will forever pose to a free republic. This power would need to be pursued surreptitiously, or they would risk defeat. So, they posed as protectors and friends of democracy. It is impossible to defeat your enemies when they have convinced you they are your friend.

Back to the protesters. These current day seekers fit the profile of those who joined up with communism nearly 100 years ago. They all whine for different causes – government oppression, environmental issues, corporate greed, free stuff that they want – but “Not fair! Not fair!” is the battle cry which unites them. Many Democrat leaders – including President Barack Obama – are now openly supporting them, as the energy of their core values (which essentially is about getting something for nothing, and taking it from rich people) fuels the progressive machine.

Many, including myself, believed that this would be a passing phase of a week or two, when these little narcissists would return to their basement niches in their mommy and daddy’s beautiful homes (enjoyed, via capitalism). But, now it appears that the age old power strategy is being applied to the mob – agitation. Ruthless power-mongers throughout the ages have used this tactic to dupe groups of ignorant, non-thinkers into creating mayhem. Everyone in the community gets swept up in the growing fear of this directionless mayhem, and up out of it rises the fearless leader, who has come to save the day. Fear and a desire to immediately end the mayhem, causes the community to give power to the new leader. He has successfully used the energy of the rabble to gain what he desired – power and control.

Most would believe that this would never happen in America, due to the process of our electoral system. But here’s something to think about: what if this mindless group of losers is agitated into becoming unruly and dangerous, and begin to terrorize innocent people who are just minding their own business? What if this mob keeps growing, and then are directed (by the agitators) to storm voting precincts in the 2012 elections (let’s just say)? What if the angry herd stood outside your voting precinct, next year? Would you fearlessly walk through this crazy crowd to get inside and cast your vote? Or, would you drive on by? You probably think this would never happen in America. The police would step in and arrest them, and the courts would come down on them for attempting to intimidate voters from exercising their Constitutionally protected right to vote, right? Better think, again. Eric Holder dismissed the New Black Panther voter intimidation case of 2008, and set a new precedent for what may come.

Look at who the agitators of this protest are (they disguise themselves as supporters and defenders of this anti-corporation, anti-capitalist mob). They are all progressives (Democrats) who seek to gain power and control – to be the machine. They have already thumbed their noses at the Constitution numerous times, and they will again. For the only document which they respect and adhere to, is Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, which preaches the liberal golden rule of “the end justifies the means.” They remember the destruction to their power structure following the 2010 elections, and need to prevent further erosion. The Tea Party sentiment of protecting of individual liberty from the machine has been sweeping the nation and gaining momentum. Will they stoop to the level of agitating the rabble into blocking the 2012 vote? It’s something to think about.

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