Zany Laura and her Attempt at Culture and Humor.

By: Dr. Phil Taverna

I enjoyed Ingraham’s other books and find her conservative positions on the Factor very inspiring. But Of Thee I Zing may leave a little bit to be desired. It is like Bill Maher. He is probably a good to great comedian. But he is just a lousy commentator when it comes to politics. When he really opens his mouth wide he more then likely will lose his entire foot in the black hole.

Now Laura has moved up to probably number 2 on the Richter scale of accomplished political conservative commentators. Rush is tough to beat. He has been perfecting his trade and his conservative views for a long time. And if you really listen he usually exposes or gets the listener thinking about many aspects of the political realm.

Laura dealt with Rangel in such a brilliant fashion that she will always be number 2 in my eyes. Charlie admitted that no president has done anything for the inner cities, including Obama. He wouldn’t have slipped up so badly if Laura didn’t keep the pressure on the old man. Now the question is if we wasted so much money on the inner cities how do we get our money back?

Laura’s book was probably designed to bring the readers through a series of cultural experiences that were rude, callas, self-centered and narcissistic. After reading about them, people would be willing to make changes if they understood that what they were doing was not helping culture but in effect causing a decline.

Most of the subjects or comments are dealt with in less then a page or so. And I think Laura is far better at commentating and interviewing then being a comedienne.

So if you don’t really like Laura I think you will come away with the notion that she is just one unhappy and maybe dumb female.

There were some hilarious parts of the book. But I think the closing comments of each episode should have had a bigger buildup to get to the closing comments. And just maybe it should have been more political.

The comments about Disney were meant to be funny. But why would anyone who can choose when to go to Disneyworld choose the Christmas holidays or the summer. Obviously she did not plan the trip. She probably called her agent and they booked the trip. If she had taken the time she would find out when the busiest times to go and the least busy times to go. No sense complaining if you go there during the busiest times. There will be lines. And if you don’t stay at the main resorts that have monorail service, you will need to take a bus to get anywhere.

I have been going to Disneyworld since around 1976. That was pre-Epcot days. And the best way to understand Disneyworld is that you will be back in the future. So you don’t need to see everything. And if you pick the less crowded times there are many other attractions in the Orlando area that are loads of fun.

So you can have a magical day but like anything else in life you need to know the rules. Laura, next time find an agent that knows the rules and sit down in front of the computer and know where you want to go. And for the best places to go and eat you need to book immediately! They need to be booked the day you are allowed to start booking reservations. If you miss the window by a day or so, think about the next trip because there is no way you are getting into those restaurants especially if you are traveling with a crowd.

But in all fairness there are folks that have the patience of JOB and don’t mind waiting in the heat. God bless their souls. But if I won a free vacation to Disneyworld during the busy times, I would probably decline to go.

The funniest parts of Laura’s book include the May-December nuptials. It makes you think why would a 20 year old woman/girl marry an 80 year old man? I guess if all the old geezers were poor that would make for a different story.

But you always learn something when you read any book. I never thought of the pocket in front of the airline seat being so filthy. That was an eye opener. I usually put my reading materials in there. I will have to re-think that. But on the other hand, 6 foot male persons have an awful time using the urinals on planes unless they are contortionists. Maybe that’s what the pocket is intended for. I guess I should leave the humor at the door as well.

But at the end of the day or the book whichever comes first, Laura does teach us that the world is full of inconsiderate folks. The bad news is if you handed this book to each and every one of those folks and made them read it, the first thing they would say is: “that is not me”. And they would probably describe their personality as the color red.

So at the end of the day we are surrounded by many inconsiderate people. People like Obama who think nothing of closing roads. Just so they could have a night out. Bloomberg thought nothing of shutting down the whole transportation system in NYC. That’s great for the folks that don’t have to work. But what about the folks that had to work? How were they supposed to get to work! It was pretty stupid. If a subway line happened to flood, then shut that line down. Most of the lines wouldn’t flood if we needed Noah’s Ark. It was another inconsiderate action. And Christie that poor guy at Asbury Park had over 24 hours before the Hurricane was to make its appearance. He could have walked to safety. These are inconsiderate people. Do you ever wonder if all those workers that worked for public transportation in NYC were paid to stay home on the day Bloomberg shut the subway down?

No problem, just add it to the budget deficit. Can we get that covered under the emergency provision? You betcha.

So if you see life as it really is and won’t come down with depression and the need for tranquilizers, Ingraham’s book is a good and a fast read. Just maybe it will hit a cultural mark in the inner recesses in your brain and make you a better person. If not then maybe you can use it to help raise your family so they are more aware of the cultural decline and be more considerate about the people around them.


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