Democrats Waging War (Against America?)

By: Michael John McCrae

I watched the Democrats wage war. They managed to wage the Korea war to a stalemate that still hasn’t brought a treaty of peace after six decades. I watched them lose the Vietnam conflict by voting to stop all funding to the South Vietnamese cause for freedom. I watched Jimmy Carter sit on his hands for 444 days of ineffective diplomacy against Iran’s act of war against our embassy in Teheran.

I watched as Bill Clinton drew down American forces in the 1990’s to keep his budget balanced, then unilaterally threw America into the middle of a religious conflict in the former Yugoslavia; hoping to draw minds away from his serial philandering. President Clinton did win one war. He managed to completely wipe out the Branch Davidians of David Koresh who had dared to establish a religious compound in Waco, Texas.

I watched the Democrats in congress while the war in Iraq was being fought. Prior to the conflict Democrats seemed to be all for the war; declaring their solidarity with intelligence assessments on Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction; quickly reversing their rhetoric when the weapons were not produced; actively becoming engaged in sabotage of the war effort; declaring the war lost and adjuring the American public to forsake the efforts of the American forces.

Now I watch as Democrats set dates for retreat and defeat before any real goal of peace is met. The Democrats are prepared to do to Iraq and Afghanistan what they did to Vietnam. They are preparing to leave each country defenseless; to be returned to the realm of Islamism and radicalism. They are going to quit in preparation for a second Obama term that will see the U.S. Military budget cut to pieces again; while any and all “savings” are redirected to ever expanding domestic “entitlement” programs.

The Democrats have already begun their domestic war. Just as Clinton killed Americans on American soil; too, the Obama administration has begun its war against American citizenry. The hate speech coming from the campaign podiums of Democrats excoriates anyone objecting to socialism and the destruction of the American Constitution.

The Obama Administration is suing Alabama and Arizona and is looking at any state of the union trying to restrict or enforce Federal immigration rules. The Obama Administration is assaulting private business under of guise of enforcing asinine EPA regulations. The Obama Administration is attempting to destroy private health care, private banks and small businesses that are responsible for 70 percent of all jobs in America through the use of severe taxation and government regulation.

America is not losing this war from any outside force. America is losing from the enemy within. The enemy has infiltrated the schools, the congress and the White House. The enemy comes in the form of union thugs, ACORN, CAIR, Obama-Care, Czars without accountability, a Department of Justice headed by a racist, an EPA and Department of Education headed by communists and militant homosexuals, a senate with a socialist majority and a protest movement led by spoiled, parasites, largely supported by Democrats; begging for free college, and theft by taxation of money earned by actual producers. All of that supported with a complicit media.

I know there are many saying: “Just wait till 2012!” Well, I don’t think America can afford another 14 months of liberal socialism under Obama/Biden. I don’t think America will survive another 14 months under the blackest, most domestically destructive and worse presidential administration in America’s history. And that’s saying something if you know anything about Jimmy Carter.

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