Obama And The Wall Street Communist

By: William P. Frasca

The Wall Street protesters seem to have some support from anonymous people. There are strong indications that George Soros has a hand in this, but naturally he denies these accusations?

The movement raised almost $300,000 dollars in contributions and multiple supplies of food, clothing and shelter. Like any other demonstration willing to accept donations, these questions must be answered? Who is actually backing them and supporting their activities against the financial capital of the world. All these monetary, material assistances given, must be revealed?

Are they legally established as a non profit organization? Or are they just used as a front, with smoke in mirrors to hide their true identity and motives? Are they in it for profit? Who is actually responsible for auditing everything accepted and distributed? These contributions are obviously, extending their stay, by keeping them protected against the elements and nutritionally sounds?

If they do disband who receives the money collected? Where does it go? Is the Internal Revenue Service going to audit them or are they getting a free ride from the Socialist Marxist Liberal Democratically controlled Senate and Minority Representatives in Congress, including our President Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One”?

Obama is showing his true realistic colors by giving them his full cooperation. This also proves he has affection towards a red flag with a hammer and sickle. Does he fantasize, this symbol, potentially replacing the (50) Stars, representing the United States of American in the blue background of our Precious American Flag?

He did more to divide this Great Nation than the Viet Nam War of the sixties? What a shameful, reprehensible individual?

Are the Republicans once again, taking the backseat, afraid of making a decision and stance, like sitting ducks? Afraid to defend themselves against the politically correct, who judges and criticisms them constantly? Are they determined to show their yellow streak, once again, allowing the devious, to go untouched?

The Communist/Socialist enjoys spinning their rhetoric of blame, by condemning Capitalism, Big Business, Bush and the Republican Party? As they did for years, combined with many other Socialist Marxist Liberal Democratically controlled and manipulated policies, programs and organizations, in the name of so-called bogus social injustices?

I’m not against the right to non-violent assembly, as long as it remains peaceful. This is the United States of America, and it is protected by our fantastic Constitution. The only thing that concerns me is that this has all the earmarks of an elaborate scam to recruit unsuspecting clueless individuals to excel The Communist, The Socialist and The Unionist into positions of extreme power and profit?

In God We Trust” No other words meant so much, too so many.

Our economy is rapidly declining, and our currency is worthless. This adds gas to the fire by resurrecting the deceitful, corrupt, dishonest and the unprincipled. It’s easy to rile up the youthful inexperienced babes in the woods, by brainwashing them into believing that America is evil and is no longer the land of opportunity but a land dedicated to the rich, and separated by the have and have nots?

If you take a good look at those who are participating, they are The Naive, The Communist sympathizers, The Unions, The Socialists, The Wealthy Hippocrates, The Homeless, Liberal College Professors and The Misguided Clueless Unemployed Youth. Who are looking for something for nothing and a social gathering of merrymaking? The organizers don’t care who participates, as long as they have warm bodies, to visualize an enormous untouchable rally.

There’s plenty of insincerity to go around with this so-called rebellion against Wall Street and the Banks. No criticisms though, against our Teflon President, Barack Hessian Obama “The Chosen One”, who had a tremendous hand, and maneuverability in collapsing our economy, but why does he continue to go unscathed?

If you go back into history this form of elaborate falsehood has been used to the full advantage, by many dictators and unstable individuals rise to power. The evil beliefs and ideologies associated with Communism and Socialism ruled over their people, with an iron fist, enslaving them into an existence of non-development, by successfully killing their spirits. They viciously eliminated all their freedoms and liberties. Progress and advancement was forcefully denied and only offered to a select few?

The leaders of these aggressive actions were administering, to themselves, all perks and luxuries, forcing the rest to live in a suffering society of forced compliance? These demonstrators are easily duped into believing that Communism is the answer because everything would be fairly and equably disturbed to everyone. No one reads history, because history does repeat itself? If they did, the true meaning of Communism would be realized, stressing that it’s definitely “not the answer” and if it was then “how stupid was the question”?

There is a classic book written by George Orwell called “Animal Farm”? This is a must read! Especially for all those who are participating in this senseless endeavor. They would obviously think twice on who or what they are sticking their necks out and foolishly supporting?

Do you think for one minute they could congregate in this capacity in a Communist society without being beaten into submission, executed or secretly vanish into oblivion, in the middle of the night?

Movements such as these were very common in the sixties. They were mostly used as a legitimate form of peaceful revolt, with a few exceptions. People would gather, to socialize and party, while expressing their complaints, gripes and objections, singing and dancing to anti-establishment songs, carry signs, with free food, marijuana, alcohol, drugs and sex, similar the Wall Street crowd.

It was one big endless celebration of total enjoyment, without any stress or strain associated with the daily reality of life itself. There were altercations with the Police, but it also served as unity against authority and the establishment. Where they are now? Well for most of them they conformed to the same Capitalistic system, they were originally protesting? Hopefully they’re all getting ready to retire and ready to collect their Social security checks. Capitalism if left alone works!

America throughout the years has been constantly confronted with individuals and/or groups ready, willing and able to go against the status quo. This has only made us stronger, which enhances our appreciation towards all our sacred ideologies, inalienable rights, liberties, freedoms and our precious Constitution. God Bless America Always. Please Pray For Our Troops!

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