In Defense of Capitalism

By: Craig Chamberlain

It’s disheartening when you see that nearly three quarters of New Yorkers support the Occupy Wall Street movement. So, basically what they’re admitting to is that they support a stupid, smelly, barely literate criminal class over people who work for a living. That’s a great message to America, don’t bother laboring for what you want just whine enough until someone gives it to you. But I shouldn’t be surprised, the American people have been hearing that message for 50 years and now its bearing fruit. More and more the ideals of personal responsibility, hard work, honesty, and respect for others are becoming background noise, drowned out by the demand for a free lunch. These communist goons want the American public to believe that they are merely protesting the bad actions of a few bankers. The media, and many of our politicians, are enabling these idiots for their own gain.

These protesters, most of whom have probably never had a real job in their entire life, want to bring down the capitalist system and replace it with the complete Sovietization of the United States. These communist clowns are more dangerous than most people want to admit to themselves. They’re not lashing out violently…yet. Just wait until they realize their not going to get their way, and the Democrats lose the election next year. What are reasonably peaceful protests by stupid lazy people who are afraid of soap will become violent demonstrations by stupid people afraid of soap. It might be the first rule of the left: if someone won’t give you what you want, just take it from them. All riots are comprised of leftists mobs out attacking those who actually work for a living. The occupy wall street movement is no different. It’s main component is envy. They want wealth, but they don’t want to work for it. Ahh… the American dream lives on.

They want socialism. They’re not shy about it. Being as stupid as they are it’s not surprising that they would demand such a thing. They can’t make themselves rich, so they want to make everyone poor. Take their slogan. “we are the 99%” their propaganda, their mantra, is that in a capitalist system there is a small plutocratic class that has all the money while the rest of the peasants live hand to mouth, on the verge of starvation, in two room hovels. The only place you’re going to find such a system that I’ve just described is in a socialist country. You want to see the 99% living in poverty and misery? Check out North Korea or Cuba. They don’t represent the 99%, they represent themselves. The lazy, whiny, stupid, spoiled, refuse of America. People are listening to a movement that considers the Cuban model a good start? Their knowledge of economics, probably along with their knowledge of everything else, is a joke. Economics is not a zero sum game. Ok, I take that back. Economics is a zero sum game in systems like feudalism, mercantilism, and, of course, socialism. You can only get ahead in these systems at the expense of someone else. Under a socialist economy my gain will definitely be someone else s loss.

Capitalism is different. It’s the only economic system that can be win-win. It can be lose-lose as well, but win-win is more likely. The capitalist system is the only system that creates a middle class. If we suffer from economic inequalities it’s because we don’t have enough capitalism, not too much. Under socialism the government takes everything over. We all know how well that works. You want to see a great socialist model? Look at the DMV, or the post office. Basically socialists want to turn the entire economy into one big DMV. Nothing will ever get done, and the workers will demand exorbitantly high salaries and full benefits. Under socialism, the system the occupy wall street movement wants, the government controls everything. They tell you where to work, how much you’re going to make, and don’t you dare complain. You know there was another system just like that in the old days. It was called feudalism.

Socialism, when you get right down to it, is a modern adaptation of a medieval economy. Serfs might not be scratching the dirt for a living, but they do work for their overlords in the government. “Socialism is slavery” as Lord Acton once said and he summed it all up in three little words. The capitalist countries are thriving, it’s the states that are trying to prop up a massive social state with a semi free economy. Look at Greece, Britain, Italy, Spain, and yes, the United States. Those that truly have a free market are the only ones that are not being pulled down by a tsunami of debt, high unemployment, and a wrecked financial sector. Want to see an island of sanity in Europe? Look at Poland. Ever since going capitalist, and I mean really embracing capitalism,their country has been thriving economically. How much longer can a socialist Germany subsidize the socialist demands of the EU lightweights? As Thatcher correctly pointed out: “the problem with socialism is that you always run out of other peoples money.”

Capitalism alone is the only economic system that allows for freedom. You want to start a business. Fine. You might fail, but it’s your business. As the rising tide lifts all boats, the capitalist tide lifts out of poverty. A businessman can start a business, put people to work, get them off the unemployment line, make a profit, and enrich the business and the workers even more. Socialism can’t do that. Government has never turned a profit on anything. Look at how much debt the government has. Look at the postal system. That’s a good snapshot of socialism. It’s completely run by the government, it provides bad service, and is always in the red.

Our economic problems are due to a lack of capitalism, not an abundance of it. Maybe those jackass protesters would realize that if they ever bothered to study basic economics. Or, here’s a better idea, get a job. But make sure you shower before you apply for one. The stench of sweat, bong smoke and urine is not a turn on for employers.

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