Obama: Is he the Most Racist President We Ever had or is it Just his Attitude?

By: Dr. Phil Taverna

This is going to be a tough article and if I offend anyone, that’s too bad. But if you are truly and honestly offended then it was not intended and I apologize.

Obama by all accounts doesn’t get it. And I predicted he would never run for a second term. But deep down he thought or has been raised to believe that America owes him a second term. He deserves a second term. America owes him a second term!

Obama has always tried hard not to look like a racist but sometimes it’s a knee jerk reaction if you have been brought up as a racist.

Look at Serena Williams. By all accounts she is probably the most gifted female athlete in regards to strength, power and sheer girth. She has earned and the emphasis is on earned $34 million dollars in capitalistic prize money. And she has earned probably millions more in endorsement deals and other enterprises.

But she has now reacted twice in a very abnormal fashion. And both times was at a time when she was in the limelight and she was losing. McEnroe is always compared to the reactions of Williams. But are they the same? McEnroe was and may still be a spoiled brat and like baseball managers took the time to tell tennis referees what he thought about their ability to call a shot that was not in his favor. He came across as a spoiled brat but everyone respected his ability to play tennis. And he will probably be known more for his rants then his great ability to play tennis.

Twice now Serena has physically threatened the judge. Granted we all don’t like a call when it doesn’t go our way. But in Serena’s case she never argued that she didn’t commit the fouls, which of course she did. But she was offended because the calls were made against her personally.

I remember when she first started playing. And she won and when she was young her and her sister after they won the final point in a match would stand there and goggle at the crowd and do it for quite some time while the opponent had to stand there waiting at the net so she could shake Serena’s hand and get off the court as a loser.

When the Williams sisters were seventeen we could look the other way and use age as the excuse. But they still do it. And at 29 years of age what is Serena really saying when she threatens a non-black judge with physical harm and personal attacks. Is this really fallout from years of racial epitaphs that she was raised on? I don’t think these folks ever came close to living in the ghettos. Serena was a professional tennis player by the time she was 13 years old!

Let’s skip over to the SAT scores in Washington DC. Granted all students are required to take the SAT’s so it is not fair that they incorporate all students in the averages. Maybe they should drop the bottom 20 or 30 percent. Let’s face it, they are not going to college and they don’t care about having good grades.

Let’s hypothesize the difference in growing up. When I grew up I was taught that anything could be mine if I worked for it. I was white. I guess I still am and my father worked his butt off and we lived in a middle class neighborhood.

Could it be that the other neighborhoods may be taught life a bit different? Are they taught that they are owed something in life? If not are they taught by experience that life owes them a lot. And if they don’t work for it they have a right to a house, food and some spending money.

So back to the SAT scores in DC public schools. The scores in all three subjects was an average of 400 points. The private schools in the same area are averaging about 50 points higher. The public schools average nationally a cost of over $10,000 a student. That’s probably a bit low. If you start figuring hard costs and depreciation the number probably grows exponentially. And the liberals and Obama want to spend more on education.

What I suggest is checking out the attitude of these students and their teachers and administrators. Is it that you can be anything you want by working hard? Or is it don’t work hard! If you don’t work and you can’t afford to live in the United States someone will provide shelter, food and clothing for you for the rest of your life. It is your right!

Obama calls this tolerance and justice! And if you decide to have children, they will be provided for as well. The going rate right now is $1500 dollars a month per child. A heck of lot more than you can make working in McDonalds. And you don’t have to wear those uniforms. You can stay home and get the money delivered right to your checking account.

So the liberals will blame the teachers. The teachers blame the parents and in the end they want to throw more money at the problem. Hey folks look at Serena and Obama. It is not the parents or the teachers completely. It’s the liberal attitude. Let’s see should I pick up a book to read and study or should I goof off? Just think the SAT average is 400. So for everyone that is in the 600’s there are some in the 200’s. Don’t you wonder how much you need to spend to get that SAT score from 200 to 600? Obama wants to spend more of your money just for that dream!

So why do the liberals and the commies like Obama want to spend more of your money on public education? Because they deserve it! It is their right.

It gets better. Obama had to give a campaign speech at the UN. By all accounts the speech was useless. But there was a group picture. I think we have all been in group and class pictures. Did you ever raise your hand and wave while the picture was being taken? If you had a narcissistic attitude like Obama you would! But is it narcissism or is it racism? A website in the UK showed a few pictures. One picture has all the guests smiling with Obama raising his hand directly in front of the President of Mongolia. Wouldn’t you like to know what he was saying when he saw the back of Obama’s hand? My guess is: “Wow look at all those calluses, I guess he does play a lot of golf. Maybe I can become a politician in the United States so I can get paid to play FREE golf.”

Keep in mind all the people in the picture were smiling. Even the president of Mongolia was smiling. So this UK website tried to spin it like they took another picture and all was forgiven. There was a major problem in the second picture. The only jerk smiling was our racist president. Maybe all was not as well as admitted.

And think about his attitude. They include: Bowing to the princes, Lady Michele touching the Queen. You mean they didn’t know the rules. They knew the rules they just thought they had the right as racists and liberals to break the rules.

The first Black president has surfaced again. Now he states in his unsolicited opinion that Obama should have done nothing. He should not raise taxes and he should not cut spending. Now I think that is sound advice. The only problem is that Clinton should have given that advice before Obama was hot to pass Obamacare. Remember Obamacare increases spending and increases taxes.

As a black community organizer Obama had the right and the attitude to pass such a bill that would help to destroy the American economy. How many black folks did Obama help by passing Obamacare? Probably none! But let’s take the numbers and work with it. The baloney you were to believe was that there were 30 million people who could not afford healthcare. Obamacare was going to fix that. So far, it appears no one has really been helped by Obamacare except the insurance companies. What a surprise! They now have a license to charge higher rates to more people.

So if it was to help 30 million folks and we know that the Black population makes up about 13% of the population. We can safely assume that Obama ruined the American economy to help 3.9 million black people. Considering that there are over 300 million people in the country, it was the wrong decision. But you see Obama and his liberal congress thought and assumed at the time that they had a right to pass Obamacare. So they destroyed the American economy of 300 million people to help maybe 3.9 million black folks. And buy their votes. If this was a democracy and not a crooked republic this would be unfair. But since it is a right of the Black President it is all good. I just wish he would stop blaming President Bush and Clinton. It was Obama’s attitude and his overwhelming belief in his Black Right and not capitalism that destroyed the Obama economy. I just hope he stays in the race until 2012!

And just look at this language. “I told Congress… I am sending you a jobs bill, to pass the bill.

This doesn’t apply to all blacks. At least for now folks like Hermann Cain don’t speak of this black right. But 88% of the Black vote went for Obama in 2008. And by all accounts they received nothing for their vote, except that they saw the first Black president elected in the United States in their lifetime.

Everything Obama says seems to be tainted by this inherited right. I think Martin Luther King Jr. would be shocked if he saw the world today. And if MLK could see the attitude of Obama and Holder he would not believe it. King had a dream. That dream was that all men would be equal. After 50 years and spending trillions of dollars are most of the blacks and minorities better off then they were in the 60’s? Socialism has never worked and will never work. But liberals and racists have an inherent right to destroy your economy for socialism! MLK wanted all to be equal to prosper. He wanted to bring the treatment of blacks to be equal to the white folks. Instead we have seen the destruction of the prosperity in America. The poverty level is the same or worse for all Americans since the 60’s. And the liberals have destroyed the economy.

But if you listen to the whacked out liberals like Colmes, they will tell you we didn’t spend enough of the taxpayer money and the money we don’t have. Wouldn’t it be great if we all could live in the imaginary world of Liberals! They seem to have a right to destroy our prosperous world! It is a right of color and the right of Communism!


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