Obama’s Foreign Policy Weakens America

By: Craig Chamberlain

It’s hard to decide whether President Obama’s foreign policy is the work of careless incompetence or malicious meddling. At no point during his presidency has he made the country’s interests his top priority when making a foreign policy decision. Maybe he believed the messianic rhetoric surrounding him, and thought that his very words would solve any crisis. His words, having been rebuffed, have not produced an equally opposite reaction in his actions, they are as flaccid as his words are. Now, because of this administration, we find ourselves weakened and our interests threatened.

He has met every single crisis with delay and equivocation, and when he finally does make a decision, it’s always the wrong one. It took him three months to decide whether to send extra troops to Afghanistan. Even Jimmy Carter could have made a decision faster than that. Even when he does decide to sen in the reinforcements he ties their hands, and announces an iron clad deadline for their withdrawal from the country, yeah that’s going to scare the Taliban. All they have to do is lay low and wait for us to leave before they start their war again.

He let Hosni Mubarak, an ally to the United States, be toppled. Now Egypt is in the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood and the military. The treaty with Israel is in Jeopardy and you’re almost certainly looking at Egypt, the largest country in the Arab world becoming a sponsor of terror and an ally of Iran. The administration labels Bashar al Assad of Syria a reformer, now he’s pulled the ambassador from the country and is siding with the rebels. Then there was the whole exercise of leading from behind in Libya. What he promised could be accomplished in days took months. This shows that NATO, without American fire power, is a paper tiger and not to be greatly feared. Then there was the whole wisdom of toppling Qaddafi in the first place. Yes Qaddafi was an animal, but he was a caged animal. Our bombing raid over Tripoli, and our capture of Saddam Hussein scared him witless. He wasn’t a threat to anyone anymore.

Now, we’ve replaced an odious regime with an even more odious regime. Qaddafi’s Arab nationalism was a toothless ideology. The Islamism of the new regime is still quite potent. Already the new leader of the newly liberated Libya are celebrating their freedom by legalizing polygamy, and declaring that Sharia law, and only Sharia law will be considered for the new laws of the country. Sounds as if Iran has just earned itself a naval or missile base in Tripoli. Heck of a job Obama.

Now our Anti American, American President has declared that all American forces will be out of Iraq by the end of the year. a gradual draw down would have been better, and leaving some troops to dissuade the Iranians would have been smarter still. Instead we will be leaving Iraq, a country that we have bled for, a nation that thousands of our soldiers died to liberate and pacify, that we spent billions on(though not as much as we spent on President Obama’s stimulus) rebuilding and trying to make Iraq a safer, freer, and more secure country.

Now that’s probably going to be undone. Despite the protestations from Washington the Iraqi aren’t quite ready to defend themselves against the insurgent groups and terrorists who will almost certainly start their campaigns again. Either the government of Prime Minister Malaki seeks closer ties to Iran to protect Iraq, or the people, sick of the violence, will elect a more explicitly pro Iranian government. It’s win- win for Tehran.

And, in case you haven’t noticed, Iran is the biggest problem we face in the Middle East. Instead of confronting them, he retreats, retreats, and retreats some more. If I had President Obama for an opponent I’d be aggressive too. About the only group of people he can manage to have hostile intentions for are conservatives. If he treated the Iranians as half the threat to the country as he treats the GOP the Mullahs would be quivering in their turbans. Instead they sleep easy at night, and why shouldn’t they. They face no danger from Washington as long as he’s in office, If Iran could vote it would be a solid “blue” state.

But fear not America! Our dear leader has found an enemy that he is finally willing to stand up to. You see he’s sending one hundred troops to Uganda. Yes, that’s right Uganda. All to hunt down a guerrilla group called the Lord Resistance Army. Now, let’s be clear, this group is not made up of a bunch of disgruntled Sunday School teachers. It’s a violent group. But it’s always been a group that has been overblown by the left. They can’t wait to go after a group, any group, that’s theoretically Christian. Just don’t ask them to get tough on radical Islam, or the Iranians.

Two points should be made here. First and foremost the Lords Resistance Army has never, not once, attacked Americans or interests of the United States. This is not a defense of the group, but it is the truth. Secondly there is no chance that this group will realistically threaten the Ugandan government. So today it’s one hundred advisers, tomorrow it’s a thousand combat troops, the day after that it’s ten thousand.All for a group that shouldn’t be on our radar.

So by the logic of this administration Iraq, a key strategic nation in a very important region, is not in America’s foreign policy interest. Uganda, on the other hand, a nation that most people couldn’t find on the globe, is. Removing one of the worst tyrants of the 20th century wasn’t worth our time, but hunting down a tiny, and to be honest, almost irrelevant rebel group in Uganda is of vital importance.

There you have the Obama foreign policy.Do anything you want as long as you’re not taking American interests into consideration.

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