Leno and Obama together again. What a show!

By: Dr. Phil Taverna

When Obama showed up on the Leno show Jay was all excited.

They changed the shooting time of the show so that Obama could squeeze in a game of golf or an expensive fund raising event. But it became obvious at the monologue that the audience was rigged. They all had visions of a rock star returning to front and center stage. Those days are long gone. And they will never return no matter how many lies Obama can muster.

Obama must realize that Leno makes jokes about Obama just about every night. He has finally slowed down the President Bush jokes. Now Leno wouldn’t call Obama stupid or dumb because it might be true, but if he said it, it would be conceived as racism. You can call a Texan stupid, but you can’t call a Kenyan dumb.

But every night without fail Leno knocks most if not all of Obama’s failed policies. And President Bush jokes have been replaced with GOP hopefuls bashing.

The staged interview started out with Libya. He said it only cost a billion dollars to kill Gaddafi. Now that is one expensive bullet. At this moment the Libyan experiment is moving along. But Obama is trying to have us believe that American troops were the front runners of the attack. I wonder what the French would say. I thought they were leading the attack. This may be the first war they won since … Well for a long time. Napoleon anyone?

But does Obama know that Libya is not over. This could turn into a disaster. And if it does will the French be sending troops in, or will the United States again take the lead?

What Obama seems to forget is that it may have cost the Americans a billion dollars that they don’t have, but how much damage did the American bombs do to Libya? And who is going to pay for it? My question as always, if they want this global community, how come oil rich countries like Iraq and Libya do not pay us back in oil? Maybe if they were Christians they would?

So Obama gets a staged applause for bringing the troops back from Iraq. Then they do a little Republican bashing about bringing troops home.

So far Iraq is extremely stable with the troops in place. The reason Obama is bringing the troops home is because the Iraq government will not give American soldiers immunity against lawsuits in Iraq. Would our liberal judges in America do the same thing? The ACLU would make sure that would never happen. According to them if you live or breathe or not you still have a right to go to court.

So at the end of the day or end of the year all the American troops in Iraq will be home for Christmas. This sets the stage for many problems. This opens the door for Al-Qaeda to move back into Iraq. It gives our great ally Iran a chance to invade Iraq. This was discussed in the 2008 debates. Obama and Biden said they would just send troops back into Iraq. Is this what Biden means by being tested? It looks to be more stupid then tested. But it will be fun to see what happens after the last American Troop in Iraq gets to come home for good, or at least till the next war.

But what will be more amusing is the jobless problem. Leaving Iraq will probably add 100,000 to 200,000 folks to the job Market. What will this do to the lousy Obama economy?

First off they will need to extend unemployment benefits. And the unemployment numbers will go through the roof. Who will Obama and Biden blame? I guess they will have to blame President Bush. If he did not win the war in Iraq with a surge, Obama would not be able to pull the troops out alive! So I agree, President Bush does deserve all the credit. He won the war in Iraq. And this allows Obama to finally bring the troops home from Iraq.

Obama gets on his high horse and tells the staged audience that leaders of countries should change their policies. It is better to bomb a country for a billion then trying to fix a country for a trillion! Well wait a minute. Isn’t Obama still spending money like it is going out of style in Afghanistan? He and Biden could have run with their tails between their legs and pulled the troops out of both countries in 2009. They chose not to. Instead they send more troops to be killed in Afghanistan.

So I am not sure is Obama admitting to the audience that he made a mistake in Afghanistan? Maybe he should have pulled all the troops out in 2009 and just let the pesky drones do the killing.

The good news for the economy is that Pakistan and Iran are looking for a fight. So with a little bit of good and bad fortune we could have troops in those countries before next spring. Is that what they really mean by the Arab spring?

It just seems that Obama is pissing off a great deal of people when he kills with drones. These people don’t need much to be provoked. Wouldn’t it be better policy to just make them disappear off the face of the earth after they have been properly water boarded?

The conversation would be like this. ‘Where did Achmed go? He was here last week. He must have left to go to the terrorist training camp in Iran. Well I wish him well.’

Eventually the terrorists will get the idea that the benefits of being a leader in the group of terrorists is not worth it. You just won’t be around long enough to use the health care plan.

I guess what is so disturbing to me is when you hear Obama stutter through a soft ball interview like this, and he takes all the credit and then gives all the blame to everyone else. Most Americans are so self centered, that it is impossible to miss this Obama fascination. And no one likes a liar. They may be useful at times like a Biden, but you still don’t want a liar to be your president.

Obama talked about his wonderful executive order. He is going to some how allow people who are under water with their mortgages to refinance. Someone has to tell me how you refinance a property that is worth less then the amount that is being mortgaged. So that is not going to happen. Then clueless Obama said maybe and that is a big maybe after refinancing they can have an extra thousand and two in their pocket to buy their kids a computer. That will help the economy. This guy must be really stupid. If someone is really under water, they are probably up to their eyeballs in debt. They are going to use that money to pay down their debt. And if they buy a computer, whose economy does it help… China or Japans?

This Obama has no clue as to the severity of the problem. We need tons of factories to be opened in America… Today! I think this is called future focusing. If Obama can only see a couple of thousand dollars in his plan he will be a one term president. The best thing he could do is resign today! And take that Biden fellow with him.

The third part of the interview was great. Obama relaxed and started talking about his personal life. That was mostly believable. But I would hope that his kids don’t really watch the Kardashians! But once a politician starts lying… Where do they stop?

The Whitehouse kids can’t watch television all week, and they let them watch that show. I don’t think so!

So I guess it all comes down to believability. If you believe what Obama is saying, then he is likable. If you think he is lying, there is not much to believe. So in the end the reason President Bush was great was because he was very believable. He didn’t blame anyone else. He was the man at the helm.

For Obama he takes credit for things he did not make happen and blames everything on everyone else. If you don’t believe him, you won’t like him. And in the end he will be a one-termer. It is more difficult to convince the public that you have stopped lying, then to persuade them that you never lied at all.


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