Reality Or Fiction

By: William P. Frasca

Are we actually seeing the big picture relating to the Wall Street Protestors? Unfortunately this clueless, something for nothing mentality and bogus outrage has spread uncontrollably and violently to other parts of the United States and the World. This increasingly contagious fungus left a wide open range of theories and accusations towards certain selected individuals of modern day anarchy.

The more information discovered, the more of the picture is being revealed? The liberal news media who sing praises of this protest in one breath and condemns the Tea Party gatherings in another are well know for their two faced existence. They have no scruples in pushing the pedal to the metal in their positive rhetoric of praise towards these opponents of Capitalism, Especially when they received the approval from our President Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One” who publicly condoned their actions?

The audacity, of their attempt, at one point, to legitimize, by comparing the actions between the Wall Street demonstrators and the Tea Party is totaling ludicrous and ridiculous’, Their skillful acts of developing, a positive imaginary spin to the populous fell short. Their bold faced lies and misguided half truths of unbelievable magnitude; attempted to recruit the independents to the side of these protestors enhancing their creditability.

Don’t put your trust in any poll that assumes their popularity has increased? Polls can easily be swayed to one side or another; it depends on the wording, who is being polled and who is conducting the poll?

This in their warped liberal minds would identify Obama as an extreme intellectual leader? He would be laughingly anointed as the king of kings among peasants? Have they no shame, as to sell their Constitutional right of the Freedom of the Press, just for the chance to ultimately genuflect and bow at his feet. They’re despicable.

Their job is the report the news in a fair and honest environment instead of extending their opinions, by protecting their own self interests and liberal ideologies into the mix, confusing the uninformed as a righteous cause. This favored manipulation is only privileged to those who meet with their standards, while defending Obama’s incompetence as a guilt free intellectual miracle worker here to save humanity?

Throughout these days of turmoil, they selectively interviewed individuals from Hollywood. These unstable, illogical and hypocritical phony Marxist loving, actors, actress, directors and producers that made their lucrative portfolios and livelihood in a Capitalist environment. Now come out of the woodwork, creating an illusionary atmosphere of being sympathetic, to all those who want to be labeled as sub-economic, monetary sufferers. The protestors are actually fooled into believing that these so-called “legends in their own minds” celebrities are friends of their movement. While they mockingly display their sincerity, as if they really feel their pain, what a joke?

Maybe this will create another award crediting them with their abilities and talents in extending their two-faced double standard hypocrisy towards their ignorant and naive followers, who truly idolize them and believes their lies.

They interviewed the homeless, the Socialist, The Communist, the Liberal Democrats, The College Professor, The College Student, as well as all those using this planned cause of stupidity as an excuse of having a good time partying. The only individuals we didn’t hear from are Wall Street themselves, why? You would think that all those being targeted would have a legitimate defensive voice and spiteful vendetta against Obama, “The Chosen One”, and his followers for these constant forms of harassments toward them. You would think that all their threats and ultimatums against them would bring out a sense of urgency in self preservation.

There are a number of unanswered questions, including how quickly these demonstrations went from peaceful to violent, in the United States and throughout the World? Is this an actual well thought out plan secretly developed and initiated as a joint effort between Wall Street, Obama, and Riot/Revolution makers such as George Sores, helping to re-elect Communist/Socialist Obama? This would not only strengthen his loony base, but would also develop a link with the renegade stragglers of social/economical redistributions of wealth against Capitalism that authorizes more power to government and less to the people?

Was Obama’s complete sanction of this movement actually backfiring in his face, by some of the same people he supported; who are now associating him as part of the problem? Are the escalated violence and other negative variables allowing this situation to get out of hand, above and beyond his control? Will he now have a change in attitude and distance himself from them?

Is this a far fetch fantasy, a tale of fiction, then why would a number of associated Wall Street Giants in the Financial World and Industry of stocks, bonds and investments, contributed largely to Obama’s re-election fund? Think about it?

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