It’s not Red or Blue, it’s Black and White

By: Craig Chamberlain

Every four years Americans come together to make a big decision. We decide who is to be the next President of the United States, and while every election is important some are more important than others. Would America have been that much different if Rufus King had defeated James Monroe in 1816? Would it have made a great difference if Dewey really had defeated Truman? Would it be that big of a deal if James G. Blaine had defeated Grover Cleveland? If you know who Rufus King or James G. Blaine are give yourself a pat on the back. The obvious answer is “no.” Most elections are like that, in the grand historic sense of things, they mean little. They effect short term policy, but most elections aren’t about changing the direction of the country.

Then there are the elections that influence American history in serious ways. If Dewitt Clinton had defeated James Madison in 1812, it’s likely that the war of 1812 would have ended sooner, and without as much violence. If Henry Clay had defeated James K. Polk in 1844 there would have been no annexation of Texas, no war with Mexico, no westward expansion, and possibly, no civil war. If Breckenridge had defeated Lincoln slavery would have expanded everywhere, Dredd Scott would have been upheld, and slavery probably would have survived into the 20th century.

It would be fair to say that the election of 2012 falls into the second category. Ask yourself a simple question: will America be a different place if President Obama is given a second term? I think most people reading this would say yes. We know that in 2008 he bragged that he would “fundamentally transform” and he got right to work on it. Passing a massive stimulus bill that threatens our fiscal health for decades. Passing Obamacare, which if allowed to stand, would allow the federal government to take control of, and make decisions for, your health care. He got Cap and Trade through the House of Representatives, and is using the EPA to enforce it as if it were already law. He has said time and time again that he wants Americans to pay more, a lot more, for energy. I believe that the word he used to describe the increase in price was “skyrocket”. He has rolled back welfare reform, making people more dependent on the state. He has engaged in a foreign policy that has made the country weaker by the day.

If President Obama is given four more years, even if he has to deal with a Republican Congress, he will succeed in transforming America, molding it into his image if you will. He will complete cap and trade, he will continue to spend money we don’t have, he will gut the military to a point where we won’t be able to realistically defend ourselves, he will continue his policy of appeasement, allowing China to become more aggressive, Russia to become more belligerent, and helping Islamic radicalism to continue to spread throughout the Middle East.

His vision of America is for America to be a social democracy. Take a good look at Greece. It’s sad but he looks upon the tottering, rotting, and revolting states of Europe with envy. The American ideals that have sustained this country for over 200 years would be buried alive by a federal leviathan that could never be dismantled. Take Obamacare for example. For the President and his cohorts the monstrously unconstitutional law is just phase one. The final product is a single payer, universal health care system, where the government rations out the pills, and decides who lives and who dies. The great society would be brought back ten times stronger than ever with a welfare state that the left has always been dreaming of, and that the OWS movement is demanding. Free housing, free education, guaranteed employment, free health care, all of which is to be paid by the hard working American taxpayer(who will definitely be paying a lot more in taxes).

By contrast the GOP is offering the opposite vision of America. Here the welfare state is secondary to the free market. Our defense isn’t gutted to the point where Malaysia could whip us, we actually stop spending money we don’t have and try to pay off our debts, health care will be your business, no more czars in the government, and no one gets a bailout. Too big to fail doesn’t exist in the free market. If you succeed that’s great if you fail that’s too bad. The only thing to do is get up, dust yourself off, and try again.

It’s not a red state blue state thing, but really a black and white choice. Do we want an America where the government makes most of our decisions for us? Do we want an America that is no longer an exceptional nation, no longer a world power, just another nation? Do we want to pay ten dollars for a gallon of gas? Do we want to live like the occupy wall street crowd? Do we want a country where you are dependent on the state? If that sounds like fun to you, then vote for four more years.

If, on the other hand, you think America should be a free republic, with self reliant people who believe in hard work, responsibility, and a federal government that isn’t constantly looking over your shoulder then it’s time to vote for a change. The country faces a stark choice next year, let’s hope that it makes the right one.

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