Times Unemployment Poll, Shocking to say the least!

By: Dr. Phil Taverna

I was shocked by the results of the Times poll. I thought the folks would be more negative and less optimistic then I would have expected. Of course the NY Times could only write about the negative parts of the poll, but overall the people polled were comfortable with their situation and they expected everything to be fine. There were a few of the sky was falling types but overall the unemployed seemed to be in good spirits.

My guess is that most people have two workers in the family so if one goes down with unemployment benefits; it is not the end of the world. They will find another job.

Annoying parts were questions that asked if the Republicans had a plan for jobs.

But they never asked if the Democrats had a plan.

As usual only 1650 people were polled. And of that group only 445 were unemployed. That sounds a little bogus. If 10 % are unemployed, it seems remarkable or tainted that it took only 1650 surveys to find 445 unemployed. Statistically the number if it was random would seem to be more like 4000 would need to be surveyed to find 400 unemployed.

So it looks like the poll may not have been as random as one would expect.

About 70% of those polled were probably Democrats. They always seem to fail to ask: “What party did you vote for in the last election?”

But with an overly liberal survey they somehow give Obama a favorable rating of 40% with 11% in la-la land. But the same group gives Obama 32% on the economy and 29% on jobs.

And only 5% blame Obama for the current unemployment and President Bush 8% and politicians 19% and other at 32%. 15% still don’t have a clue. Good news is that President Bush is falling off the grid. At one point 26% of the clueless blamed President Bush. Unless the jobless rate goes down the present politicians and Obama (yah mean he is not a politician) are in deep trouble come November. 2012.

My gut feeling with all of this, assuming we are dealing with knee-jerking liberals is that they do not have a clue what affects the economy or the jobs market.

First off the unemployment numbers are not that high. 9% overall is not that high. That means about 1 out of 10 do not have a job. That may sound like a lot especially if you do not have a job. But in the heyday the unemployment was always in the 5% range.

So that means one out of 20 was out of work.

The real problem if you want to start thinking is when the rate was at 5% how many folks were in the military, retired, collecting some kind of eternal government benefits? How many people are working off the books? How many people live off the black market, book making, prostitution etc? How many people are in prison?

The numbers would affect the overall 9% unemployment numbers. For example if there are an extra million people in prison, and a million people in the military and this reduces the overall numbers in the job market then the 9% appears much worse, So if you are going to compare apples to apples, you need to look at the whole picture.

There were also parts of the poll that dealt with specific propaganda.

There was one section that dealt with Occupy Wall Street Movement (OWM). This was quite funny. The best I can gather as to the purpose of the OWMs is to tax the rich and redistribute the wealth. So tax Trump and Buffet an extra million and distribute it to the OWM folks. So instead of working at Wal-Mart for $10 dollars an hour they could now pay you $15 an hour.

So the poll said that 55% of Americans’ opinions are reflected in the OWM. And 26% don’t have a clue. I think it is fair to say that the OWM folks don’t know what they stand for. But are people voting yes to this question because they think they will share in the redistribution of wealth sucked out of a few rich people. They don’t want to miss out on that gravy train!

So it is important to determine what the OWM wants and how they are going to get it?

Then my favorite question surfaced again. Should we cut spending or create jobs.

Only 20% voted for cutting spending.

Here’s the rub, what the relationship between cutting spending and creating jobs.

The best example I have is someone with a government job collecting $75,000 in salary and benefits until retirement. Obviously this person does not want you to cut spending or her job. And she thinks this is justified because she pays taxes. So she gets $75,000 in taxpayer money and pays back maybe about $12,000 in taxes.

You could be the dumbest person in the world, but you have to know deep down that this will not work for long. And once this person retires, she gets paid and she isn’t doing any work, but the taxpayer is still paying.

So we need to educate the folks that for every government job, you need 4-5 times as many private jobs in revenue to pay for that job. The commies don’t get it!

Now Obama has this stupid idea that cutting payroll taxes will create jobs. Only 47% of those polled agreed with him. So maybe there is hope for the liberals. It’s a simple fact of life. If you don’t pay into the till, there will be no money there to pay the bills. The problem: Everyone wants someone else to pay into the till. Let’s make it easy! Quit spending government money and we all win.

67% believe that you can start out poor, work hard and end up rich in this country. I hope they weren’t thinking exclusively of politicians’ children!

Creating jobs came in at 67% and cutting spending came in at 20%. Again we need to educate the folks! Can anybody really answer the question: What creates jobs?

Well we know what does not create jobs. Allowing illegal or legal immigrants into the country does not create jobs. Obamacare will not create jobs. Flat tax will not create jobs. No corporate taxes will create jobs. And taxing imports will create jobs maybe.

But the bottom line is simple. You need to build factories. The pundits claim it is all automated. Don’t you think the same is true in China and Japan? But at the end of the day, you still need people to run the factories…Lots of people. If we made the products in America, we would prosper. Clinton dreamed about being prosperous selling foreign products and services in America. Clinton was an idiot. He became prosperous but America did not. Clinton caused the loss of over 6 million jobs!

So this poll said it was more favorable to have the federal government bail out state workers. Spend money on the infrastructure. Do people know we have never stopped spending money on the infrastructure?

Cut taxes on small businesses. If they don’t pay taxes who will? It makes sense to lower taxes on small businesses but this will need to be offset by a huge spending cut. Ok liberals, which items do you want to cut first?

My favorite is: It is a bad idea to lower taxes on large corporations.

We have a lot of work to do. Since the 60’s the politicians have been screwing up the economy. And now the chickens have come home to roost. Common sense says America is first. Keep the jobs in America. Ross Perot was all ears. But in the end, the politicians let the American jobs go away.

We need some real heavy education to determine that the only way to create jobs is to build real jobs. The idea of lowering taxes, cutting spending and so forth is just a pipe dream. We need a plan to have real jobs and the plan needs to be specific. Obama needs to get serious. We don’t need a $2,000 Obama loan to buy a computer. That will not help the American economy at all!

America needs ground breaking events that will lead to thousands of factories being built right here in America!

That’s how you create a job!

The rest is just smoke and mirrors.


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