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November 8, 2011

Ballot Measure Boondoggle – High Speed Rail Costs Balloon to $100 Billion

Nearly $100 billion. That’s what High Speed Rail is now going to cost California taxpayers – more than double the costs initially promised by the proponents of Prop 1A, which contained the initial taxpayer financing for the project.

No Regrets: Frank Kravetz’s Story

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“Just existing became what was important,” says 87-year-old Frank Kravetz of Pittsburgh, captive of the “hell-hole” that was Nuremberg Prison Camp. “Yet even as I struggled with the day-to-day sadness and despair, I never once had any regrets that I …

Root of the Problem

By now, America has seen enough of the bad behavior of the ‘Occupy’ movement protesters.

That aside, it’s easy to understand their frustrations when it comes to the excesses of Wall Street.

Who Votes for Democracy?

Democracy! Democracy! Democracy! This is the mantra that we hear from Tahrir Square to Yemen from Belarus to Wall Street protestors are on the march around the world demanding Democracy!