Obama: It Does Matter

By: Michael John McCrae

Just been doing a lot of thinking about the guy pretending to be president of the once greatest nation the world had ever known: how he’s managed to discredit America; driving it towards third world status, how he’s practically negated the lawful authority of the American Constitution, how he’s managed foreign policy to give complete advantage to Sharia-based Islamic theocracy and how he’s managed to spend America into a poorhouse that may take two or three generations of American to extricate itself from.

It doesn’t matter what his personal portrait looks like; reading either of the “autobiographical” sketches written by domestic terrorist William Ayers. Obama is the sum of his acquaintances. Mobsters like Tony Resko, political hacks like Rahm Emmanuel, religious nut-cases Like Jeremiah Wright and Louis Farrakhan and union thugs like Jimmy Hoffa Jr.

It also doesn’t matter that he’s black, had a white mother, was born in Kenya, converted to Islam, re-converted to black liberation theologies, was a community organizer for communist causes, had a very lackluster stint in the Illinois statehouse; voting to let babies who survived abortions to languish unattended on hospital floors.

It also doesn’t matter that he squandered money on loans to “green” corporations that created no meaningful employment opportunities, went belly-up bankrupt or simply shipped jobs to Finland and Mexico; that he shut down American oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico while he subsidized Brazilian oil with two billion taxpayer dollars, that his excessive EPA support has practically shut down the American coal industry; costing thousands of jobs and that he still has not signed the treaty to permit Canada to run an oil pipeline to the Gulf of Mexico that would generate 200,000 domestic jobs.

It doesn’t matter that Obama hates Israel, loves the Muslim Brotherhood, is forsaking American accomplishments in Iraq, bows to foreign leaders, screws up toasts to American allies, throws the bust of Winston Churchill in a dusty closet, fails to salute the American flag, puts his feet up on White House furniture, tells his various Czars and committees to bypass the Senate to “get the job done”, eliminates the Washington, D.C. education voucher program for underprivileged children or sends millions of dollars to Palestinians to pay the families of terrorists who languish in various prisons.
It doesn’t matter that Obama has spent as much time giving campaign speeches as he’s spent on various golf courses and that the cumulative time equals or exceeds the number of days he has actually spent in the White House; working for the people. It doesn’t matter that he will not give up his blackberry records, support the Defense of Marriage Act or investigate the New Black Panthers. It doesn’t matter that he is permitting the stonewalling of investigations into Fast and Furious and Solyndra.

It doesn’t matter that Obama is the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on American politics. He is a liar and media perpetuates his lies. He is a liberal socialist; bordering on communist and the media places itself into complete agreement with his redistributionist policies. It doesn’t matter that Obama is waging class warfare between rich and poor, racial warfare between black and white and political warfare between Washington and states that have been trying to enforce Federal Immigration law.

I once believed that Jimmy Carter’s place in history as America’s worse president would never be overshadowed. I was wrong. Obama is impeachable tomorrow. It is sad that there isn’t a single soul in all of Congress with intelligence enough to bring a solid case for cleaning out the liberal, socialist plague calling itself “The Obama Administration”.

Because, when you boil all that down it DOES matter.

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