Veterans Day

By: William P. Frasca

One of our Nations most recognized respected and most deserving Holiday in which we celebrate each and every year, is Veterans Day. This honor is well earned and bestowed upon all our unselfish men and women. Who answered the call, of freedom and liberty with an open hearted generosity in protecting and defending our great Country, The United States of America, against all her enemies foreign and domestic? They served, courageously in each and every capacity, of every branch, in all our Armed Forces during Wartime, including all Military Conflicts and Actions, of extreme hazardous nature, dangers and perils.

This glorious Holiday is acknowledged every year on November 11. It seems as though on this particular year it’s labeled and identified as a very extraordinary intriguing time slot; especially to all those who follow the numeric process and believe in their great powers. This year, on this day the obvious sequence of numbers are 11/11/11, which is said to have extreme undeniable mystical command and influence over luck and prosperity. Many are running to the alter, to get married, while some are writing down their wishes and hoping this day will bring whatever they want and cherish most out of life for themselves and the one’s they love.

We as Americans don’t need any soothsayers, physic, astrologers, or numerologist preaching to us that this day is the luckiest day of the Century. We always knew whenever November 11 appeared on the calendar, no matter what year, this day will always remain fortunate and deep in our hearts as a remembrance of all those we honor as our heroes, our Veterans. We must always be proud of their relentless dedicated duty and service towards America and the American people.

God has truly blessed this great nation with these precious outstanding mortal gifts of patriotism, bravery, kindness, thoughtfulness, strength, with undying unlimited love, in preserving our free land and civilization against tyranny and aggression. We must never forget our Veterans. Never truer words have ever been spoken “If You Love Your Freedoms, Liberties and Your Country, Thank a Veteran”. We must also thank God?

God Bless each and every one of them, their families and all those who are actively serving in these stressful times of uncompassionate lunacy and outrageous anarchy. May the Good Lord protect each and every one of them from harm, and senseless extreme magnitude of vicious attacks and ruthless malice? May they come home safe and sound? God Bless America Always.

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