Herman Cain: You Devil You!

By: Dr. Phil Taverna

Herman Cain is having a lot of fun. This is not the first time that he has run for office. But once you get past that smooth southern tongue is there really anything else?

But let’s thank Cain for being there and putting someone else on the podium, not just bunch of old white guys. But it seems like white old guy presidents may have done well in the past. Heck Reagan was too old to be president!

But when you get past the gift of gab that Cain has what do we really have? His gift is much better then Obama’s. Obama promised everything and delivered nothing.

But let’s focus a bit on these sexual harassment issues.

What does this mean? In the old days the male was superior. And in most cases most of the work force was made up of males. Males went to college. Men were stronger and they were supposed to be the protector of the family.

As the government worked to neuter the families, the females were forced to enter the work force.

I remember as a young person in college or high school my dad was recommending that this worker didn’t try to bed down every female he saw especially the married kind.

You see my dad had a home improvement business and his workers were always in someone else’s home doing work. Many times these females were alone and this guy was clearly god’s gift to women. Back then I don’t think sexual harassment had been formulated as a popular threat. But it would not have applied in the home between a worker and a home owner.

So if we look at these types of folks and I am sure we have woman who can harass as well, what are they thinking. And what is their mind set?

They either have the greatest ego in the world or they are just a bunch of horn dogs.

Clinton was the king of horn dogs. And he had positioned himself in promotional positions. In other words if a woman would be kind enough to service the Governor of Arkansas then there would be a promotion in the future.

According to Morris the woman would be lined up to service the governor. Ok so these are consenting adults until Paula Jones came along, but what about the sexual harassment part. Since Clinton was black and liberal the media gave him a pass.

I would guess a side issue becomes quite evident: If the woman consents does it take on the air of prostitution?

So I have to guess that it went like this. The state troopers gathered them up and sent them to the hotel room. If things went according to plan, the girls or ladies would get a check mark on their record and there would be some job related benefits for that kind soul down the road. In the case of Jennifer Flowers she must have been extra special.

So the argument usually goes something like this. The male in this case is in a superior position and they are forcing women to do things they wouldn’t normally do. They don’t want to lose their job, so they go along with the pervert.

There also seems to be a component in this new found law that if the woman or the subservient person makes it clear that they want no part of the action offered by the person of superior status, then the pervert needs to stop asking or intimidating the worker.

So now Clinton, who the Democrats see as the greatest president since FDR, was one of these perverts. And by all accounts he probably did this for a very long time.

The problem is: What kind of person would do this to his fellow worker? Granted there are some women that have the flirt button on all the time and this may give the average pervert mixed signals. But for the most part, once the subservient worker says no, the message becomes very clear.

So Clinton got a free pass from the liberal media. He was under a lot of pressure. It was between him and Hillary. But the real question is what does a person like Bill Clinton think of Women? Also what does he think of everyone else?

When you hear accounts of the secret service and the Clintons, there appears to be no love loss. But for President Bush there was mutual respect and he took a personal interest in the people around him.

If a man like Clinton has no respect for woman, then in the end besides himself who else does he respect?

I have sisters, daughters and granddaughters. I would expect that they would be treated with respect in the workplace. But is that possible with a person like Clinton?

So now we need to look at Cain. In Texas if one person calls you a name, you brush it off. But if more than three people come out and say they have been sexually harassed to some degree by Cain, what does it say?

Is Cain another Obama? In Obama’s book he lied from cover to cover and no one called him on it. But Obama was a liberal, so he gets a pass. Still today, the liberal media will not condemn the failed economic policies of Obama. Obama says he takes responsibility, but he says it is everyone else’s fault.

As a voter we should first look at the character of the candidate. Obama and Clinton were both liars. And Clinton began the destruction of the American economy and sent over 6 million jobs out of the country, standing by while millions of immigrants entered the American workforce. President Bush was a man of great character and he created or better stated while his policies were in place 5.5 million American jobs were created.

As we look at Cain’s policies and his campaign I am beginning to see an Obama. All these policies sound great while sitting on the toilet but will any of them create one real job? Well if you don’t think they will create one real job, then you know they will not be creating millions of real jobs.

And you could be the dumbest person on the planet, but we don’t need all these political changes of rules and laws. We need millions of Real American Jobs.

So we need to look under Cain’s sheets. In the 1990’s sexual harassment was a real issue. And all the perverts and horn dogs needed to move their fantasies away from the workplace. If Cain failed to do that, and it is proven so, then what does that say about his character? By the way Cain was married at the time.

I miss President Bush. He was a great president because he had character. He was religious and he loved his fellow man and country. Can you say the same things about Obama and Clinton?

Obama lied all the way to the bank with Obamacare. And most people are annoyed by his lies and failed policies.

My suggestion is first to look at the character of the person. Would you trust this person with your life … the life of your children?

Your answer would only be yes if that person can be trusted with the helm of our sacred country. Do you think a person with a history of sexual harassment can be trusted? Do you think a person who won’t treat a subservient worker with respect will treat you and your country with respect? History says: They would not!


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