OWS: Political Flash Mob!

By: Michael John McCrae

The mainstream media has been trying its best to liken the “Occupy Wall Street” protests to the TEA Party protests. Media would look less ignorant if they were to liken OWS to recent flash mob activity in Philadelphia and Chicago.

I recall no reports of TEA Party protesters crapping on police cars, masturbating in public, peeing on doorsteps, pimping 14-year-old runaways, throwing bricks at police, denigrating Jews, trashing streets and public parks, brawling among each other, stealing each other’s laptops, cameras, I-pads and other electronic tools, carrying AK-47’s and AR 15’s, extorting collections for personal pockets or turning away homeless people from a free meal.

All such reports have come as a result of the liberal, anti-capitalist OWS movement prompted by a George Soros-funded, Canadian, anti-capitalist (Read: Communist) organization. What is really neat is the support being given this liberal flash mob in action by President Obama, other prominent Democrats and the Hollywood elitists.

Is the OWS political flash mob permitted to voice their displeasure against greedy Wall Street and greedy banks? Sure! That’s what the First Amendment of the Constitution guarantees. Are the bulk of these OWS uprisings being carried out legally? No! Who needs permits to assemble and trash public areas when you have the support of Obama and company?

Can we talk about OWS Oakland, CA for a moment? They shut down the port; costing the area more than 4 million dollars in revenue. Their “Black Shirt” arm (which they swear isn’t part of the movement) has attacked local businesses, started fires, fought with police and caused internal strife among protestors who didn’t necessarily sign on for the anarchic chaos but are powerless to stop the vandalism. The Oakland chapter of OWS is trying to become the new “center” of the movement. If they succeed, then the true value of the movement will be realized. They are simply out to destroy. They are making that point very plain.

There is also the “Facebook” referendum being played throughout the OWS universe. The plan is a run on the larger banks; hoping to collapse their already fragile economic situations. I thought these OWS morons were broke, had no jobs and were deeply in debt to these very banks for massive student loans.

Apparently these folks have money enough to afford cell phones, laptop computers and daily lattes from Starbucks! Contributions from Hollywood celebrities, George Soros, CAIR, the resurrected ACORN and liberal sympathizers nationwide are fueling the fires of dissent through anarchy. Heck! OWS has made itself a pretty pack of pennies; probably enough to give everyone involved a hefty paycheck that could carry them through the 2012 election cycle.

Personally I have no sympathy for any of them. They’ve wasted their student-loaned college years on worthless fields of study. They’ve believed the liberal-socialist spew from professors who pride themselves on their abilities to indoctrinate and propagandize against capitalism, free market enterprise and conservatism. They want everything handed to them. They will not accept personal responsibility for their own poor choices. They believe the government (in the form of Obama) owes them for voting in three consecutive years of debt expansion. Obama supports OWS like he never supported Syrian youth who tried to overthrow the oppressive Assad regime.

OWS is not creditable. They are thugs, malcontents, vandals, sexual predators, thieves and slaves to ignorance. They are being led by the rings in their noses by unions, Michael Moore and George Soros. They are receiving encouragement from racists Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan and every talking head from MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and the New York Times. With all that support, including President Barack Hussein Obama it looks like more than Oakland, California streets will burn.

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