Guns and the Democrat gods

By: Christine Biediger

It shouldn’t be a surprise… At a time when the Democrats should be circling the wagons to protect the god of Fast and Furious, Eric Holder, they instead miraculously find a target to pathetically point the finger of blame. As adept as liberal ideologues are at always finding someone or something else to blame for their own staggering sins, I wonder if their index fingers are permanently disfigured in the pointing position.

The blame game is a tactic perfected by the left, decades ago. It became increasingly successful for them, as the MSM more audaciously evolved into the propaganda arm of left wing policies. Now, the ruse has reached epic, ridiculous proportions. Case in point, the first two years of Barack Obama’s administration and the complete liberal control of the government. The Democrats joyously threw themselves into their new role of ‘god’ of the little man. Finally, they were free to construct the walls of our cages that will keep us safely confined, for our own protection. As the gods reflect on their accomplishments, they concurrently bask in self-adulation of their economic successes (huh?), while blaming the Republicans for economic failure.

If the liberal agenda was as divinely inspired as the left would have us believe (as depicted in the halo pictures of our messiah, Barack Obama, and the inspirational Biblical references of Mother Pelosi), then all of their thousands of pages of mumbo jumbo legislation would have resulted in economic stability, would it not? But, as things have not improved, or have even gotten much worse for many of us, the Democrats aren’t willing to confess their sins. Why should they? For they are the gods. And so, they instead point the finger of condemnation and judgment upon the evildoers — the Republican members of the House and Senate — who have obstructed their wondrous works. With their disciples in the media, the message from on high reverberates throughout the land that the evil Republicans have brought woe and hardship to the people by blocking the miracles of the gods (despite Democratic majorities in the House, Senate, the bully pulpit White House, the MSM, and countless bureaucratic appointee minions).

Now, in a stunning display of arrogant invention, certain Democrat gods are now boldly condemning that which they perceive to be the real enemy of the United States — the Second Amendment of the Constitution. While the god of justice, Eric Holder, should be bleeding from his pores over the evil he allowed — perhaps even instigated — against humanity, in the form of Fast and Furious, his finger manages to point the blame elsewhere. In a diabolical plot — to do God (the Real One) only knows what — this man was at the helm of an activity that was destined, from the beginning, to end human lives.

Guns are intended to kill things. Those who own them wish to protect themselves, their families and their property. They know that if they are forced to use them against someone, it will likely result in the end of that life. It is an awesome responsibility, and one that a gun owner takes very seriously. But these guns were not allowed to ‘walk’ into the hands of American citizens who wished to legally purchase them for protection. No one, at any level of this operation, would have believed for a moment that this would be the case. No. All who were involved knew — they had to know — that these guns would end up in the hands of criminals, drug cartel thugs, and south of the border terrorists. These guns were not just allowed to ‘walk’, they were more or less ordered to be allowed to walk. Most who obtained these weapons are people who are ready, willing and able to use them to kill people — whether another criminal, or a border control agent, or just a citizen who is in the wrong place at the wrong time. But in the eyes of the gods, this would be a necessary evil, in the pursuit of a ‘bigger picture’.

The bigger picture, at first blush, was to stop the illegal traffic of guns to the drug cartels of Mexico. You have to stop and scratch your head a bit at the logic of a plan which allowed thousands of weapons to circulate to Mexican drug cartels, in an effort to stop that very activity. The actions of the gods are mysterious, indeed. Or, maybe not. Now that a few Democrat gods are stepping up to point the finger of blame at the long-time villain of the left — gun rights — we can all, perhaps, stop scratching our heads. What better way to support your crusade, than if guns are used to murder people all across our southern border states? Surely, as more and more people come to fear such a crime wave, the support for stricter gun laws would be supported, even demanded? Maybe, if the gods are smart enough to engineer it, there could even be support for repealing the Second Amendment, altogether. But, alas, a god’s work is never done. There is much work still to be done.

The war on gun rights has begun. For now, the harping is coming from only a few of the Democrat gods. But soon, the MSM disciples will chime in and the clamor will be deafening. As the fingers of the gods point to the current-day perceived irrelevance of antiquated, Constitutional protections for We The People, the guilt of the careless god of justice will go unnoticed, and most likely unpunished. In the nonsensical world of the Democrat tactic of the blame game, all attention will be focused in the direction of the pointing fingers, as they pursue their ultimate goal of eradicating gun rights. Instead of taking measures to get control of the borders — drug wars and all — they will push pathetic legislation (at the expense of hundreds of innocent trees) to usurp the rights of law abiding citizens, little by little. The biggest irony of all may come down to We The People losing our right to bear arms for our protection, which may be needed more than ever now that the god of justice, himself, has unleashed a deadly arsenal into the hands of dangerous, murderous people.

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