It’s Time for a Sacred Cow Barbeque

By: Craig Chamberlain

The State of Ohio had a chance on November the 8th to bring some fiscal sanity to their state. They could have curbed the ravenous appetites of the public sector unions, saved money and helped entice businesses to move to the state. They chose not to. It didn’t take a brain surgeon to realize that they would repeal Senate Bill 5. I don’t live in Ohio, but I live close enough that I am in their TV market, and every 30 seconds some union group was airing apocalyptic tv ads warning the people of the Buckeye state that it would be the end of all creation if they didn’t put the unions back into their sacred positions.

Now, being a West Virginian, I am predisposed to think Ohioans are pretty stupid to begin with. It would seem that their vote confirms my natural prejudices, but it’s not like they ever had a chance to know the truth anyway. The commies decided to air commercials morning noon and night warning the people of Ohio that they wouldn’t have any teachers, police officers, or firefighters if Governor Kasich got his way. These unions weren’t being outlawed, but the state government in Columbus decided that it was time for the communist parasites to start paying their own way. That was enough for the jackboots to unleash the dogs of war against Senate Bill 5. The unions were going to maintain the status quot no matter what. And they did. It’s just too bad that status quot means economic stagnation, loss of jobs, and no investment into the state.

This was, if we believe the Unions, about protecting the people. The children need teachers, the people need police protection and they need fire protection. Fine. But Ohio is hardly the model to supply these things. Ohioans must not care about schools too much, they routinely vote down school levy’s. Ohio has lost so many people, especially in the northern, and eastern parts of the state, that they need fewer schools and teachers, not more. And as for the teachers themselves… well let’s just say that they are less than honest in why they do their job.

If you were unfortunate enough to be bombarded with the constant pro union propaganda you would have seen teachers, or actors saying they were teachers, that the money was the last thing on their mind. They wanted Senate Bill 5 repealed for the sake of the children, it’s all for the kiddies you see. They only teach for the satisfaction of filling young minds with knowledge, and those cruel Republicans were going to shut down the schools and stop them from teaching the kids. Hogwash. The schools were still getting plenty of money, it’s just that the greedy swine at the front of the class were going to have to pony up a little more for their huge benefit packages.

It’s been my experience with teachers that they aren’t the dedicated public servants that the public thinks they are. Usually they are lazy, stupid, drones, who, when they bother to show up for work at all, show up with a blood alcohol level twice the legal limit. And as for teaching the youth of America it’s not like they’re doing such a bang up job. The children of America are habitually at the bottom of international rankings. It seems that the children in one room class rooms in Burma know more than American children with their high paid teachers.

Let’s be perfectly clear. Teachers don’t teach for the satisfaction of teaching, or they would actually teach. They don’t teach because they like children, most of them hate kids. The only ones who don’t are the ones who get caught having sex with 13 year old boys. They teach for the pay(which despite their protestations is quite high), the benefits, and the three months paid vacation. If the teachers of Ohio cared about teaching they would know more than their students and they wouldn’t go on strike every year.

Then there are police officers. Unlike teachers, they provide a real service… sometimes. Usually when you actually need a cop there isn’t one to be found. Many cops are close to being criminals themselves, look at the former police chief of Martins Ferry Ohio for example who was sentenced to prison for burglary and breaking and entering. How often do they serve the public, instead of themselves? Police should be paid by how much crime there is. The less crime, the more they get paid. Maybe then the people would see a drop in crime.

Then there are firefighters. Yes fire is a threat, and there needs to be people who will put them out. But volunteer fire fighters can fight fires just as well as paid fire fighters. The paid fire departments don’t want to hear this, they don’t like competition, just like teachers. Volunteers don’t require huge salaries and benefits. That’s something that the people of Ohio need to think about if they want to bring fiscal order to their state.

Most people like their teachers, police officers, and fire fighters. That doesn’t mean that those jobs are sacred and that the states shouldn’t reform the way they pay these people in order to save money, because when you’re honest and get right down to it most of them aren’t worth their salaries anyway.

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