Occupy Wall Street: They Need Our help!

By: Dr. Phil Taverna

There are some good points that come from the Occupy Wall Street Movement (OWM) gang. First off they are unhappy with the way things are. So join the club. But the problem is what’s the problem and how do you fix it?

Before we get there, they need to figure out if they are unhappy and whose fault is it?

This may be the first time in American History that protestors are going after Wall Street and not Pennsylvania Avenue. And what they really have to come to grips with is: If Wall Street wanted to or if they could fix the problem wouldn’t they have to go through Congress?

Some call them anarchists and communists.

So to start with let’s make the assumption that we all agree. There is something wrong on Main Street and we need to fix the problem. And if you took a poll, about 90% of the people would agree as long as you don’t put words like Obama, Republican or Democrat in the question, most people agree things could be better!

So today what we will do is put together a Bill of Rights for the OWM crowd so they have something to really fight for. Right now they look like a bunch of left over Viet Nam demonstrators who want to cause trouble and have no real agenda.

Bill of Rights Number One: Everyone should have a right to a paycheck. All they have to do is fill out the paper work and they will have a paycheck for life, or until they retire.

Who wouldn’t want that? The problem is how much should the check be written for and by whom. I think everyone should be guaranteed a 6 figure income just like our politicians, their staff and judges. What if there are two people working in the household? Would $200,000 a year make sense? I would hope so!

So that was easy. Just like Obamacare just throw stuff out there that makes absolutely no sense. And get a bunch of stupid politicians to sign it.

So who is going to pay for this? The taxpayer will pay for it. So if you get $100,000 paycheck, you will probably have to pay 99% in taxes. So we need to ask the geniuses of the OWM did we gain anything? The answer is no. Because if the government is in charge of it, then it will cost you much more than it is worth.

So that didn’t work out so well. And since we don’t have jobs for all these people, everyone will have to work at least 10 to 12 hours a week to earn their 6 figure check. Can anyone say Greece!

So that was a complete failure.

So let’s say everyone is guaranteed a free education. This has been true for many Americans since the 1960’s especially if they were black or in a minority or a foreigner. So let’s make education free for everyone! No more student loans. But if you are getting a free 6 figure pay check every year from the government why in the world would you go to college?

That solves a big problem. If no one goes to college, and the taxpayer does not have to support all the financial aid and the unconscionable increases in tuition, then college tuition will actually go down, except for special folks… like children of politicians.

The Bill of Rights Number Two would look like this: Free college tuition for all Americans and non-Americans. We solved that problem. No one has to go to college, they get the same paycheck whether they go to college or not. So let’s face it, not many folks would go to college. It’s like those folks who sign a $100 million dollar contract to play sports. And someone says he should have gone to college first. Why? So he will be well rounded. He can take care of that after he retires. Couple of Pizzas here and there and he will be well rounded in no time.

Bill of Rights Three: Free healthcare for all Americans, immigrants legal or illegal.

That’s easy it is called Obamacare. Since the CBO said it will lower the deficit, it should pay for itself in no time. No time may be the key. At no time will you ever have the same healthcare that was available before Obamacare was passed.

Bill of Rights Number Four: All business profits will be absconded and put in the government’s general fund. This is the ultimate of socialism. But if you can’t make a profit and be rewarded for your good fortune and luck, then why have a business? And if Obama is going to send you a check for 6 figures for doing nothing, then why work?

Bill of Rights Number Five: Everyone will be in a union. A withdrawal will be made from every paycheck. It will go to the heads of the unions. They will decide who will run for political office and who will eventually win.

So let me see, they take your money and they decide for you who should be the policymakers. Isn’t that what OWM is fighting against…Or maybe for?

Bill of Rights Number Six: Everyone will retire with a 6 figure income and unlimited Free healthcare.

You would have to be the dumbest person on the planet if you did not want these things.

But you would have to have a brain of a liberal to think that we can afford this and it would actually happen.

But what I would like to see is if the OWM folks could mature just a little bit, they should join up with the Tea Party folks. I don’t think they will agree on everything, but they will agree that the system is broken and it needs fixin. There is power in numbers.

If we could eliminate all the corruption and fraud we could be way ahead of the problem. And if we can find honest judges or set up an easy way to eliminate the corrupt judges, we have a Chance to Save America!

So it is good that we have discontent in America. But we need to focus on what is wrong and how can we fix it.

In my book, I cover many options and reasons why we need to change the system.

We don’t need a new tax system. We need jobs.

We don’t need more government intervention. We need real jobs.

We don’t need more stimulus. We need to roll back the real estate appraisals back to 2008 before the banks and Democrats caused the so called housing bubble to burst.

So maybe the Tea Party folks and the OWM folks might want to focus on a few objectives. If we can turn around the economy, then we have plenty of time to try to micromanage the system.

So let’s give OWM their Real Bill of Rights. The first right should be a right to find an American Job that will allow them to prosper. And this will allow America to Prosper as well.

If we can accomplish this as a country, the rest becomes pretty easy. For it is easier to make decisions when you have money in your pocket, then when you are broke and owe thousands to the bank.


About The Author Dr. Phil Taverna:
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