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November 15, 2011

The KinderCare Generation

Filed under: American Society & Heritage - 15 Nov 2011

For those in two–income households who have been wondering what the long–term effects of parking children in daycare would be, the results are in and the news is not good.

Let’s Conversate about the Argubate

Filed under: Politics In General - 15 Nov 2011

A negotiation is the formalized give-and-take side of a conversation. The blending of the two, a negotiation with the less formal tone of a family discussion, is aptly termed in the dictionary of the way we speak as “to conversate.” …

Sexual Harassment Accusers: Not Automatic Saints Or Sinners

Liberal feminist attorney, Gloria Allred held a press conference in which her female client made shocking graphic sexual harassment allegations against Herman Cain. Sharon Bialek described a Herman Cain totally alien to the man I know.