Abuse of Power: A Savage Adventure

By: Dr. Phil Taverna

I have not heard Michael Savage on the radio for a while. It was always great to catch him in the late evening while driving a long distance. He was great company. So I was quite surprised to see that he actually published a novel. You would think he would do like most and write a book about political stuff and it would be a non-fiction book. But this is not the first best-seller that he has written. This book is titled: Abuse of Power.

I really didn’t know what to expect. He is somewhat controversial on his show, but if you listen long enough and get past his Jewish complaining, I am sure there is a Yiddish name for it; most of his rants make a lot of sense.

You may not agree with all his theories on plots and ulterior motives behind every thing that happens in the world. I just don’t think the crooks are that smart and Savage would call me naive. But if you follow the money, and if that’s the main source or motive for their greed then I am on board.

Granted there are folks like Soros who may be feeding the mill to make communism an American household word, but I think at the end of the day, Soros is more interested in the almighty buck and he doesn’t care if he destroys America in the process. As long as he makes more billions then that is the real motive.

Savage seems to spend a great deal of time on the air and peels like an onion the sabotage or conspiracies that he sees in the world. I have a hard time seeing that people are so smart that they have created all these plots. For example the teachers’ unions want to screw every municipality and state in the union. But are they smart enough to know that if they bankrupt the kitty, that not only are they going to bring down capitalism, but they will also bring down all the entities. In other words there will be a day when the states will say we can’t afford the public unions’ salaries, benefits and retirement so they will need to make drastic cuts. You can’t keep biting the hand that feeds you!

The union thugs aren’t thinking that far a head. They are only thinking about how much money they can make and how much power they can wield against these weak and poor politicians.

And I appreciate the Savage Nation and it is great that there is someone out there trying to protect what is left of the American Patriot Nation.

The book was a surprise. I really had no expectations. I guess I expected some NY Jew complaining about everything under the sun. But it was very similar to a Robert Ludlum novel.

I have read every book that Ludlum wrote. Before he passed away, he used to publish about one book a year. After he died, more books seemed to be published. The only difference is that Ludlum’s writing style always left the cliff hanger at the end of the chapter. So the reader was enticed to begin reading the next chapter. And most of the Ludlum books were jam packed with action. The plot was usually some ordinary man or former agent of some sort who saves the world from the actions and plots of some conspiracy group.

I found a great deal of parallelism between the Savage book and the Ludlum books.

The conspiracy group was a bunch of Americans for the most part that were aiding and abetting a Middle Eastern group who were going to kill the president.

And like Ludlum an ordinary man and his soon to be Muslim girlfriend and a group of retired agents try to save the day.

There are some funny parts. He names the rich guy behind the conspiracy “Sorens”.

How close can you get to Soros? The main character is banned from England just like Savage. And Savage loves dogs. So there is a dog in the book. Maybe he borrowed the name from the TV show Frasier.

Like Ludlum there is a Jewish component in the book. But overall the book is fantastic and a quick read. Like any book it takes a little bit of band width to get through the beginning, But once you adjust the fine tuning, the book moves quickly and it was a great substitute for a Ludlum book.

The only part that I made noteworthy was on pages 57 and 58 mentioning the main character’s struggle with the Muslim religion. Basically all religions preach tolerance except for one religion. And the Islam faith especially in the Wahhabi sect, do not preach tolerance. They preach anti-women, anti-freedom and anti-American.

And later on in the book he refers to praying to god. And he points out that even though the three people were praying to gods of different religions, they were still praying to the same god.

I enjoyed Savage’s ability and intention to interject his personal observations about politics and life. Most authors do this. Steven King does this a great deal in his books.

It is funny when you read those parts of the book. It becomes kind of a wake-up call. We in the marketing business claim it wakes up your reticular activator or it stimulates parts of the brain which are waiting to be feed more information on the subject, because it was familiar to you.

If you like espionage and Michael Savage, Abuse of Power is a great book. It was a pleasant surprise, and most people should find it enjoyable. And with all books that are filled with conspiracies it is an eye-opener. And at the end of the day you may feel a wee bit uncomfortable about who is driving the ship of life. But wasn’t that the purpose and motive of writers like Ludlum and Savage?


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