Political Correctness In The N.F.L.

By: William P. Frasca

This is beyond comprehension! Just when you thought you saw and heard everything, something else comes along that shatters that thought. Now the National Football League, (N.F.L.) has unbelievably gone to the land of the spineless cowards? They’re falling into the same politically correct gibberish that has been plaguing us ever since the Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrats and The Progressives have devised this controlling forced bogus non-sense of fictional guilt on all those who ignorantly believe this garbage and are foolishly scammed into following this unwritten law full of phony trickery and deceptiveness?

This so-called atrocity against the sacred politically correct golden calf was committed and displayed by the Denver Bronco wide receiver Eric Decker. After he caught a 56 yard touchdown reception by Tim Tebow; when he went down on his right knee and gave a military salute to honor all our Veterans.

Eric Decker was not only penalized on the field for this respectful symbolic acknowledgement, but may also be fined? How can a sport that prides itself on being American as apple pie and has the distinction of developing self esteem and excellence has stooped so low as to humiliate themselves in this matter. It provides no rhyme or reason to the distribution of any logical positive message?

Don’t get me wrong they do a lot of good by supporting these worthy organizations and others such as the U.S.O., The Tillman Foundation, and the Wounded Warriors Project and Breast Cancer. Then they go and spoil it all by saying to the Veterans we don’t endorse any player saluting you?

Does the N.F.L. truly believe that they have the conceited audacity that their image surpasses and is greater than all the sacrifices made by all our brave unselfish courageous men and women of our military, throughout the existence of this Great Nation? These individuals generously protected all our freedoms and liberties. They have successfully defended them from our enemies that were ready, willing and able to take pleasure in contributing to our demise?

This of course is not the N.F.L.’s intention? Their own protective “gag order policy” is geared to put a halt to any and all possible growth of multiple displays of personal individual acknowledgements. Together by stymieing all “on the playing field” acts of unlimited unauthorized honors bestowed upon anyone and anything.

They should be reminded that our Veterans are not anyone or anything; they’re our heroes, our champions of freedom, our protectors. This bogus excuse is a disgraceful act of dishonor which has the distinct odor of submitting to all those who blame America first, while foolishly and idiotically describe our precious military as imperialistic barbarians. This is a weak cowardice way of protecting their butts, as not to offend the over sensitive, Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrats and Progressive buffoons.

Eric Decker went down on one knee symbolizing prayer with a respectful salute. My interpretation right or wrong identified his actions as praying to the Good Lord, while highly praising and thanking every Veteran for their noble service. He is a Patriot, and should be commended without being unfairly reprimanded for his patriotism.

Write, call and communicate in any way, shape or form possible, to the National Football League (N.F.L.), showing and stressing your outrage and objection to this unjustified un-American situation. We must never be afraid to express our right to protest all injustices, especially to all those who attempt to deny any of our freedoms, they’re too precious. We must never be afraid to acknowledge God or our Veterans. Freedom isn’t free. God Bless Them and America Always!

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